Modern Twist With Authentic Flavours

Enjoy Vietnamese dishes made from high-quality fresh ingredients, with Chef Cuong's special recipes, offering a repertoire of local food with authentic flavours. 

Set in the luxurious and warm setting of Madame Lam restaurant. Each classic meal is given with a modern twist and is accompanied by a presentation that is extremely meticulous. At costs that are surprisingly reasonable for Vietnamese cuisine that is prepared to the finest standard. The interior of the restaurant is designed as an open stylish space heavily influenced by classical Indochina architecture and decoration, Madame Lam Restaurant exudes a welcoming air. With light green, ivory colours, and east Asian wooded furniture, diners are greeted with an elegant and sophisticated ambience yet uniquely Vietnamese, creating a dining environment that feels elegant and sophisticated. Telling the stories of childhood nostalgia and cosy family dinners through each dish, Chef Cường incorporates delicacies and signature spices from each region of Vietnam with contemporary culinary interpretation to create a unique Vietnamese cuisine experience. 

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