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Limited Edition Spirits & Wines For Collectors This Lunar New Year 2024
Gift-giving is a big part of the Lunar New Year – where hampers, sweet treats as well as fine liquors and wines are exchanged to usher in good luck, fortune, and prosperity. Here are some ultra impressive gifting options for loved ones: limited edition spirits and wines that are perfect for Collectors this Lunar New Year 2024.
Under The Radar
In 2004, James Suckling was invited to a blind tasting wine dinner with 10 bottles to sample. The evening turned out to contain many surprises — one of which was how a 1989 Pétrus, a 100-point wine, appeared to be the unanimously voted worst wine.
Unveiling The Most Expensive Wine Collections Ever Auctioned
Wine enthusiasts, known as oenophiles, meticulously curate their collections, often showcasing exquisite burgundies, whites, and rosés. Within these collections, certain bottles have garnered significant attention for the staggering prices they fetched at auctions. Building such a remarkable assemblage demands unwavering dedication and a profound passion for wine, as these exceptional collections hold a captivating legacy that transcends their monetary value, reaching millions of dollars.
How 3 Top Champagne Houses Are Championing Sustainability
These three maison are at the forefront of green practices – from increasing biodiversity to eliminating packaging, and reducing bottle weight, they are finding ways to reduce carbon footprint in their own ways. Find out how these champagne houses are doggedly championing sustainability today for the benefit of future generations.
Weathering The Test Of Time
The renowned Cabernet Sauvignons of Margaret River have weathered challenges and emerged with renewed vigour, carving a distinctive identity in the world of fine wines.
Celebrating 280 Years Of Bubbly Festivities
Since its inception in 1743, Moët & Chandon has carried forward unparalleled winemaking expertise, embodying an unwavering spirit of innovation across generations. Transforming from a familial enterprise to a globally acclaimed champagne icon, its effervescent legacy resonates with every pop.
“Wood Spirits” From Japan Debut Four Flavours of Sake Made From Trees

The fermented rice-based alcohol drink known as sake has become Japan’s national beverage, and is considered sacred to Japanese culture. As of this year, Japan is now producing sake from trees, as the government races to commercialise cedar-based technology hand in hand with start-up companies.