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Oriental Media Group is a full-service, competent and resourceful media and events group, that provides the international ultra-luxury and bespoke lifestyle industries with clearly focused marketing, branding, advertising and exhibition platforms.  

Founded in 2002, Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd was first established as a consultancy firm aiming to bring luxury in all its forms to Vietnam. From leading current fashion trends to designer lifestyle brands, the creative and determined Oriental Media spent years studying the unique demands of the new Vietnamese consumer.

In 2004, after having successfully created a niche in the media market, Oriental Media’s team addressed the difficulties faced by international companies in reaching affluent Vietnamese, by creating the first line-up of real and true Vietnamese luxury publications. Driven by growing demand from a fast-expanding affluent consumer group, Oriental’s publications have multiplied and now include titles covering luxury real estate, high-end watches, Vietnam’s dining and after-hours scene, resort and spa locales, as well as the country’s most fashionable boutiques. 

As the go-to source for the latest in high-end trends, Oriental Media has established itself as the premier platform for luxury brands and services in Vietnam. Oriental’s consistent and competent coverage of the market ensures that both its growing list of publications and its dedicated event division brings the best of the world’s fashion and style to Vietnam. 

The combination of insightful, in-depth editorial, cooperation with the region’s best fashion photographers, and a commitment to the world’s top brands keep Vietnam’s most desirable consumers reading our hot-off-the-press, ever-expanding range of titles. As Vietnam’s market continues to look outside the country to satisfy its desires, we will be there. In Vietnam, luxury is our business – our only business.

Our fast expanding line-up of publications and events targets the top tier of the world’s fastest-growing luxury market - the Asia Pacific region. Oriental Media Group is slated to grow exponentially in both size and strength, producing a variety of well-focused and sharply targeted ultra-luxury titles, along with a clearly defined line-up of luxury events. 

The team at Oriental Media Group understands and appreciates luxury. It is our only business.



  • To create the world’s most useful, relevant and attractive ultra-luxury magazines and events. 
  • To inform without bias, educate where needed, and entertain where appropriate. 
  • To be at all times honest, loyal and fair to readers, clients, licensees, staff, shareholders and suppliers. 
  • To play a responsible role in the further development and growth of Asia Pacific’s ultra-luxury industry.





Oriental Media produces a leading network of luxury publications in Vietnam. Through our distinguished regional publications; Thoi Gian, Deluxe, Portfolio Vietnam, Epicure Vietnam, Solitaire and JetGala, our messaging uniquely reaches the hearts and minds of the most influential and exclusive consumers in our country’s most affluent destinations; Saigon, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Hanoi.

Our publications are highly exclusive; if you do not fly business class, stay in five-star properties, have enough time to pamper yourself in luxury spas, dine in top restaurants, or own homes valued in excess of $1 million, you are not the intended audience for our magazines. We only write content that ensures we reach the most elite audience.

Our publications utilise a controlled distribution model, which ensures they are placed directly in the hands of the country’s most powerful and acquisitive consumers. With every publication, roughly one-third of printed copies are mailed to private residences and high net worth individuals, another one-third to private clubs, golf clubs and international business class lounges in Saigon & Hanoi airports, and the last one-third are directly distributed to five-star hotels and high-traffic luxury locations like restaurants, lounges, spas, salon, etc.


With our deep and strong connections in the luxury industry and with high net worth individuals, Oriental Media Vietnam regularly organizes Media Events, Luxury, Charity Events and exhibitions in Vietnam. These comprise Salon Deluxe Vietnam, Soirée Deluxe Vietnam and private VIP Watch & Jewellery dinners as well as the annual Vietnam Property Awards Gala Dinner since 2015 and the Media launch of Ferrari Vietnam. 

Our Publication


Epicure Vietnam is Vietnam’s first and leading magazine on The Culinary Arts. Published quarterly in the English language, it operates with an exclusive focus on gourmets and food lovers, pursuing their passion for fine foods, curated wines, exotic travel and privileged lifestyle choices.

Epicure Vietnam's mission is to present the most quintessential elements of the world's culinary cultures, and focuses on updating its readers and followers on the latest culinary trends, leading premium wine cellars, and the colourful world of fine cuisines and epicurean trends.

Epicure Vietnam presents ideas and recipes from star chefs in Vietnam, Asia, and the world around us. It features exclusive interviews, introduces new wines and food trends, and updates its followers on new restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts. 

Epicure Vietnam works with talented experts, food industry insiders, and culinary bloggers and influencers, with their message underscored by attractive images in our print editions, and captivating videos on all our social media platforms.

Epicure Vietnam promises to awaken all your senses, and welcome food lovers and high-net- worth readers into the inside world of food, wines, and the evolving epicurean life of Vietnam. 


Epicure Vietnam's editorial features are presented in an elegant and knowledgable style, introducing restaurants with their ambience, signature dishes, owners and chefs, and secret recipes. 

Epicure Vietnam's focus is on presenting unique and famous restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts in Vietnam and around the world. Further emphasis is on chef profiles, leading winemakers, and culinary trends. 

Epicure Vietnam provides updates on popular restaurants in the region, and informs on new ingredients, wines trends, table etiquette, cocktail recipes, and suggests gourmet destinations for travelling gourmets. 


Our content  are focus in 3 main categories: DINING – ENTERTAINING – TRAVEL. Each category is divided into dedicated sections to make it easier for readers to choose the right categories for their interest.

  • Epicure News: Providing the latest insider information about new restaurants, bars, hotels in Vietnam along with their promotion programs.
  • Globetrotting Epicure: Providing latest insider information about new restaurants bars, hotels, resorts around the world.
  • Epicure Seasons: It’s a special food feature base on thematic, topical,  trends, seasonal, focus on the artisan.
  • Gourmet Insider: Featuring details of the latest upcoming and newly launched hotels, resorts, restaurants with their signature dishes, the restaurant’s ambience and thematic or promotional programs. 
  • Gourmet Knowledge: Providing in-depth knowledge on gourmet foods, table etiquette, wine pairings, new ingredients, and culinary trends. 
  • Kitchen Confidential: Featuring cool design restaurant kitchen equipment and home appliances, and other appliances used in a professional kitchen environment.
  • Chef Masterclass: Interviews with star chefs, highlighting exclusive recipes, in Vietnam and internationally.
  • Raising The Bar: Introducing famous bars, sky-lounges, and pubs in Vietnam and around the Asia-Pacific region. Highlighting exclusive cocktail and recipes with mixologist or personality. 
  • Wine Feature: Introducing thematic, topical, trends, country or region specific, focus on wine and craftmanship 
  • Vine Expectation: Featuring a notable winery from the lens of the winemaker. Interviews with famous winemakers, wine brands available in Vietnam and around the world. 
  • Cellar Choice: Introduce or recommend the new wine, champagne, sake brands from famous sommeliers by theme, festive season and pairings with foods.
  • Gourmet Traveller: Introducing destinations of luxury hotels, resorts with signature restaurants and bars for high-net-worth gourmet travellers interested in finding exclusive destinations.
  • Chef Travelogue: Introduce travel diary of a Chef recommends the best place to eats, local ingredients in his choice of destinations around the world.
  • At Home With: A peak into an affluent personality’s home and entertaining style. While the home owner love cooking and entertaining his/her favourite cooking dishes with recipes provided. 
  • Seen & Savoured: Introducing an Event that Epicure are in partnership with. Private or public events that related in Gourmet, Wines.
  • Epicure Loves: Something that Epicure Team love. It can be an object or place.


Readership & Distribution


Oriental Media produces a leading network of luxury publications in Vietnam. Through our distinguished regional publications; Thoi Gian, Deluxe, Portfolio Vietnam, Epicure Vietnam, Solitaire and JetGala, our messaging uniquely reaches the hearts and minds of the most influential and exclusive consumers in our country’s most affluent destinations; Saigon, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Hanoi.



Epicure Vietnam targets high-net-worth Vietnamese, as well as expatriates who are passionate about food and wines, and searching for destination to express their affluent bespoke lifestyles. 

Epicure Vietnam addresses readers with a love of discovering the sophistication of gourmet  dishes, and who enjoy travelling, delicious meals, fine wines, and learning about the roots and insider stories of their origins.

Epicure Vietnam also addresses expert insiders of the culinary world, star and upcoming chefs, entrepreneurs and passionate owners of restaurants, and food & beverage managers. 

Epicure Vietnam involves culinary advisors and consultants, food commentators, bloggers, and influencers in Vietnam and around the world.


Epicure Vietnam's published quarterly (four times a year) with a print run of 25,000 copies per issue.


20,000 copies are distributed free-of-charge to 520 premium locations across eight main  cities throughout Vietnam - Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Sapa and Can Tho.

They include Premium Airlines Lounges at the six largest airports, Vietnam's top restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, golf courses, and private country clubs.

In addition, selected coffee houses, car salons, and direct delivery to the homes and offices of approximately 1,000 VIP watch collectors, property and private car owners, and yacht aficionados.


5,000 copies are displayed and sold at book stores, food supermarkets, wines cellars and e-commerce channels, such as online book shops, by subscription or mail orders.


Epicure Vietnam is promoted widely on TV channels, on social networks like Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Furthermore on smart applications and online advertisements, as well as video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. 

Epicure Vietnam's additional outreach is on its exclusive and heavily promoted official website, and by advertisement on e-newsletters with special offers and promotion programs for customers.

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