Flavour Forward

Since opening its door eight years ago, Cuca remains to be a mainstay of Bali’s leading dining destination. epicure talks to Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Entizne about its enduring recipe.

April’s Best Eats

This month, get excited over the return of a decades-old classic, a restaurant that specializes in unique cuts of beef, irresistible pizzas, and more.

Adventurous To The World Of Asian Cuisine
If you are a fan of the informal dining atmosphere of traditional Japanese Izakaya, then Tora Tora Asian Eatery and Bar in Hà Nội is right up your alley. Offering a selection of small plated pub faire, and lots of grilled on a stick, it’s the perfect spot to meet up with friends, sip on some ice-cold draft beer and get your grub on. 
Modern Japanese Reflection Of Classics
A Masu is the traditional Japanese square wooden cup used for drinking sake, and is a time honored symbol of the country’s luxuriant culture and historic traditions. Masu Japanese restaurant in Hà Nội is a love-letter to seafood, combining and celebrating the vibrant beauty of the two distinct cultures of Japan and Vietnam, while delivering imaginative and lucious food to their honored guests.