Mind-Blowing Steaks In Saigon
This is Vietnam's first authentic steakhouse, modelled after New York City's finest, placing a priority on dry-aged beef served with the utmost sophistication. 
A Bohemian Chic Brunch Spot By The River
Located along the river and nestled inside one of the oldest and most peaceful enclaves in Saigon, Coastal Saigon offers a much-needed respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city with its lush greenery, scenic views and rustic chic tropical interiors inspired by Bali. 
Old Meets New Omakase Rituals
Founder and Head Chef Linh heads the newly-opened Shin-kon Omakase, which specialises in the art of omakase and bespoke dining. 
A Casual Beer And Fried Chicken Joint Hidden Inside An Art Gallery
Named after the Japanese onomatopoeic expression, which describes the sound or appearance of a small, light or dry object, KoroKoro is a Japanese chicken and beer joint brought to you by the same guys behind Kohei’s Cocktail Bar in District 1 so there’s no surprise it’s located in the same building. 
A Nostalic Throwback To Sixties Saigon
Adding to Saigon’s growing list of brunch spots, Arto is a day-to-night multi-concept space that combines a modern cocktail bar named ‘Everyday Everynight Bar’ on the first floor and a cafe cum restaurant inspired by Vietnam in the 60’s on the second. 
A Masterchef’s Comeback To The Culinary World
Founded by MasterChef Harold Ngo Thanh Hoa, East is a “long-cherished brainchild” of Chef Harold and a tribute to his ten-year culinary career since he claimed the coveted title of MasterChef Vietnam in 2013.