A Gastronomic Journey With Forged Parfait By Chef Ryan Clift

Cromesquis with caviar and black truffle mayonnaise; Mont Blanc with cherry, yoghurt and pistachio; bitter chocolate parfait, port gastrique and black truffle cremeux; parfait dipped in foie gras butter atop sauternes jelly and brioche… all with Forged Parfait.

Introducing Forged by Vow, Singapore’s only readily available cultured meat at scale, crafted from the cells of a Japanese quail. Award-winning Chef Ryan Clift, Forged by Vow’s first global Chef Ambassador, is the first chef in Singapore (and the world) to use Forged Parfait on his menus, in an exclusive world-first restaurant partnership restaurant collaboration with Tippling Club.

Vow, a cellular agricultural pioneer and the first Australian company to launch a cultured meat product, has created the ‘Deliberately Different’ Forged, a revolutionary layered and complex flavored ingredient, rather than just another cell culture-recreated meat scientific product.

With a unique flavor and texture combination, Forged Parfait brings a unique umami flavor and a weightless, melt-in-your-mouth texture and quality that is at once rich yet delicate.

While the exclusive Tippling Club menu featuring seven different iterations of the Forged Parfait concludes on 14 May, diners can still experience the must-try Forged Parfait through Chef Ryan’s mind blowing creative dishes in his ever-evolving menus. Also available is Tippling Club’s Bar Menu with seven different interpretations of Forged Parfait, ranging from Pain Perdu (parfait, brioche, muscat grapes, kyoho ketchup) to a Forged Caviar Service (parfait, caviar, milk brioche, traditional garnish) for guests to enjoy alongside a cocktail or two.

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