Vietnam Barista Competition & Vietnam Aromaster Championship 2022 - Proudly Found The New Generation of Barista in Vietnam

On December 7th - 9th, 2022 at SECC, within the framework of Food and Hotel Vietnam, two of the most famous barista competitions in Vietnam - Vietnam Barista Competition & Vietnam Aromaster Championship successfully took place in a greater scale than ever before.

Vietnam Barista Competition 2022 - The Perfect Platform For Baristas Throughout The Nation To Show Talent

On December 07th - 08th, 2022, Informa Markets Vietnam hosted Vietnam Barista Competition inside the exhibition area of Food & Hotel Vietnam 2022. Hiding behind the competition is a vision of creating the most professional platform for baristas across the country to show their expertise and passion in every cup of tasty drink. Food & Hotel Vietnam also aims to connect the purest ingredients and edge-cutting equipment for related businesses and talented bartenders.

“This competition is a playground for both displaying and competing. Participants can improve which skills they are lacking here. This is truly a valuable place to experience and learn.”  said Mr. Hoang Cong Gia Khoa - the first runner-up of VBC 2022.

Taking inspiration from the essence of authentic espresso, every contestant had to embrace the challenges of bartending 3 types of cups: espresso, milk-based drink, and creative drink. In all the three rounds, the candidates were required to use at least a shot of espresso.

The distinguished jury had the right to make decisions for the winners in Vietnam Barista Competition. Like most industry professionals, all the judges are united in their passion for quality drinks and seek out outstanding talent. The VBC’s head judge this year was taken by Mr. Danny Pang, who played a key role in “holding the balance” and creating motivation as well as sharing experiences with the other judges and candidates.

“I am so surprised with the jury from many countries. They are very specialized and have great expertise in the coffee field. It is one of the most amazing things at VBC.” Said Ms. Nguyen Cao Quynh Huong - the second runner-up of VBC 2022.

After two days of intensive competing, the three outstanding candidates below were named the winners:

  • Champion: Nguyen Hoang Minh Luan
  • First runner-up: Hoang Cong Gia Khoa
  • Second runner-up: Nguyen Cao Quynh Huong

Vietnam Aromaster Championship 2022 - The Unique Sensory Coffee Contest In Vietnam

Right after the success of Vietnam Barista Competition, Vietnam Aromaster Championship 2022 happened on the last day of Food & Hotel Vietnam exhibition - December 09 at SECC.

This is the third time Vietnam Aromaster Championship comes about as a very new playing field for coffee-related workers, from masterful baristas to coffee-roasters, to challenge their sensational abilities. Aroma is one of the two most significant characteristics to consider when evaluating coffee in general and specialty coffee in particular, along with flavor. Food & Hotel Vietnam hopes to affirm the importance of sensory science in the coffee landscape, and as a result, to approach a higher quality standards of coffee-related drink through sensory accreditation.

“As far as I know, VAC is a unique professional competition on sensation for coffee lovers around the country. The competition is well-organized and enthusiastically supported by everyone.” - said Ms.Dang Thi Hang, the first runner-up at VAC 2022.

Contestants had to identify scents from scent bottles in the Scentone Aroma Kit T144 sensory training kit. Particularly, in the final rounds, candidates extended their limit by differentiating the variety of coffee directly through coffee powder and liquid coffee extract.

Not inferior to VBC, VAC owned a distinguished jury with rich experience who have long time working as trainers and expert judges. Besides the head judge - Mr. Jake Ahn, VAC was a precious opportunity for all the participants with valuable advice from other judges: Mr. Kim Seokjin, Ms. Tussanwan Sittirat, and Ms. Lee Suhyun.

The winners of VAC this year named three of the following excellent talents:

  • Champion: Danh Thi Bach Tuyet
  • First runner-up: Dang Thi Hang
  • Second runner-up: Le My Ngan

Breaking out of the mold, Vietnam Barista Competition & Vietnam Aromaster Championship has fruitfully wrapped up the year and brought a new generation of barista into the F&B landscape. Now we can stay optimistic about the future F&B industry based on the rising talents, the truly authentic ingredients and new supporting machines. It is worth waiting for the upcoming edition of VBC & VAC in the next few years to witness more and more potential bartenders excelling at their best passion and creativity.