One Day Can Change Your Whole Life

Despite facing many obstacles due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Global Wellness Day 2021 and its message of health go ahead and are enthusiastically supported on social networking platforms globally and throughout Vietnam.

Held annually on the second Saturday of June, Global Wellness Day (GWD) is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle, and realising that making small changes to our current routine today can have a greater impact over time. This simple message is embodied in GWD’s slogan, ‘One day can change your whole life.’

First launched in Turkey in 2012, the non-profit programme has spread to more than 150 countries and territories around the world, and has become one of the biggest wellness and well-living movements internationally. In May 2021, as the pandemic swept the world, many of GWD’s activities moved online. Largescale physical training sessions, environment clean-ups, and other communal events could no longer be carried out as planned. But the organisation’s powerful and positive messages continue to be shared through social media networks.

As Vietnam’s GWD Ambassador, Henri Hubert has organized many health-related events, such as a Wellness Dinner to encourage healthy food choices, and the Wellness Workshop to inspire students in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite the challenges due to Covid-19, he’s continued to promote GWD’s initiative, the “21-day Wellness Challenge”, which encourages participants to follow simple and more complex habits to change their lifestyle.

The programme promotes adopting healthy routines, such as drinking 2 litres of water, going to bed before 10 PM, calling your parents, reading a book, and so on to encourage good habits. At the same time, Henri invites participants to share their own stories, creating inspiring and relatable experiences of healthy living.

Although the event officially takes place only annually, the spirit of GWD is still fully preserved in the remaining 364 days of the year. In Vietnam, GWD has many plans and is always ready to execute when the time comes. While waiting for the pandemic to die down, GWD will be using the collected stories that show the greatest changes people have made that promote the value of well-living.

GWD Vietnam typically partners with resorts and hotels across the country to organise small-scale wellness events. Previous venues have included Alba Wellness Valley Hue, part of the Fusion wellness group of resorts, as well as the Pullman and Premier Village in Phu Quoc, and Pandanus Mui Ne Phan Thiet. Other resorts from across the country will hold activities to celebrate Global Wellness Day after quarantine, such as Sandy Beach Resorts Non Nuoc Da Nang, Oakwood Residence Ha Noi, Super Candle Ha Noi, Minera Hot Spring Binh Chau, Four Season Resorts The Nam Hai and Maia Quy Nhon. This year, GWD also had the opportunity to accompany VinaCapital Foundation to send gifts to children at shelters as well as inpatients and medical staff at some hospitals within Ho Chi Minh City.

The mini events attract the attention and support of celebrities from all over the country. MC Quynh Hoa and MC Phuong Hieu have encouraged everyone to clean their living spaces, exercise at home and follow a healthy diet to boost their immune system. Models such as Thanh Khoa, Minh Uyen, Nhu Tran, Jade Nguyen, Phan Linh and Thu Dinh have also promoted messages of positive energy and optimism. Other supporters include Le Fruit, Hemilys Tea, Labotany and Star Kombucha, all of whom help spread the positive humanitarian messages.

Henri Hubert is the perfect ambassador for Global Wellness Day in Vietnam, having lived here for 15 years and with almost four decades of wellness experience under his belt. He embodies the spirit of GWD, living his life as an example to others and believing that ‘true beauty comes from the harmony between the body and the mind.’

So, while Global Wellness Day 2021 has had to take a step back from the previous years’ activities, its message remains as relevant as ever. Next time you’re feeling stressed at work or home, take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle, think about how you can rid yourself of those bad habits that are impacting your health negatively and that one day can change a lifetime. It’s always easier said than done, but what’s one day? 

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