The Cave By Chef Ryan Clift At The Edge Bali Unveils New Menu For Spring Season

Renowned for its unique subterranean dining experience, The cave by Chef Ryan Clift at The edge Bali ups the ante with a new menu embracing the blossom of spring season. Adventurous diners are invited to embark on a cavernous culinary voyage to taste the new seven-course menu by the esteemed chef Ryan Clift and team, beginning in April 2024.

Nestled six and a half metres underground within the Uluwatu clifftop resort, the restaurant has always been known and coveted by diners for its wondrous setting and exquisite fares by chef Clift. Dining in The cave means savouring full-bodied meals with a modern twist amidst the natural splendour: stalactites, stalagmites, and the captivating beauty of this clandestine space.

This time, diners have the opportunity to try the new gastronomic offerings just in time for the spring season, featuring fresh and classic favourites with chef Clift’s innovative approach. The chef-owner of the award-winning Tippling Club in Singapore boasts his prowess in crafting harmonious and balanced cuisine with a progressive and inventive approach. From appetisers to desserts, prepare to be delighted by the new menu that is curated to leave a lasting impression.

Highlights from the newly launched seven-course menu start with Spring Pea and Mint Soup, a classic that presents a comforting flavour of fresh peas, mint, squid, soft-boiled quail egg, and a smoky herb rouille, beckoning the arrival of spring. Next is a testament to chef Clift’s creativity, the Italian classic Foie Gras Miele Feuille, where foie gras is paired with kumquat, black pepper, star anise, and blood orange cream.

Delve into a savoury Italian antipasto, Vitello Tonnato, with a succulent pan-roasted veal tenderloin as the centrepiece, perfectly complemented by a tangy cured tuna tonnato sauce. A vibrant radicchio salad adds a touch of spice and earthiness, while a balanced dill and preserved lemon jus ties all the flavours together.

As the journey draws to a close, the restaurant dishes out Manjari Chocolate dessert. Find layer upon layer of decadent chocolate, perfected with fresh strawberries. Brimming with creativity, the dessert reflects a refreshing chapter of the new season as it concludes the seven-course meal.

Tasting the new menu at The cave by Chef Ryan Clift within The edge Bali is even better with wine and cocktail pairings add-ons, expertly selected to enhance the flavours of each course.