Love Letter To Singaporean Heritage Food

Consider Pangium as Chef Malcolm Lee’s love letter to Singaporean heritage food, where the eight-course dining experience is a celebration of Contemporary Straits Cuisine — it begins with the food our grandparents first created with their knowledge, alongside ingredients and tools they had at hand, and finally, reimagined for our lives today.

Famliar favorites like Kueh Pie Tee and Keropok signal the start of the meal, where the former features fresh bamboo shoots, crab meat, and cuttlefish, lending the dish a luxe twist. Meanwhile, the latter is a crispy treat comprised of 60% Ang Kar prawn flesh, prawn oil, and prawn stock, finished with a dusting if Sakura ebi powder for an addictive umami boost. 

Chef Lee also looks to Eurasian heritage food and reinterprets Pang Susi (sweet potato buns with minced meat) by using tender pork cheek and Kampot white pepper, which adds a subtle floral quality. 

The meal’s highlight is the Nasi Ulam — a labor of love that is made up of a portion of rice that’s mixed with lesser-known herbs and vegetables, served with various side dishes like Sayur Lodeh with Organic Tempeh, Hand-Minced Duck Ball Satay wrapped with Caul Fat, Westholme Wagyu Beef Short Rib Rendang, Buah Keluak Sambal, and more.

More than just a restaurant, Pangium allows for introspection, giving us the opportunity to ask why, what, and how. “At Pangium, we ask ourselves: How would we do it if we were to approach the same dish with a similar mindset as the people who first created it but prepare it in the context of today so that present diners might connect with it,” shares Chef Lee.