Champagne Delamotte “Touches” Vietnamese People

The epic journey of Champagne Delamotte to become a universal language of wine arrived in Vietnam for many years in Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits. Since then, this is the first time that this winery has officially visited Vietnam on a 3-day visit, promising to bring many potential wine collaborations in the future.

From May 16 to 19, 2022, Mr. Grégoire Piochon – Area Manager from Champagne Delamotte, made a visit to 3 provinces and cities of Vietnam, including Hanoi, City. Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang. This is the first visit of Delamotte winery in Vietnam, marking the winery's first steps in bringing the excellent taste of champagne to Vietnamese connoisseurs.

Champagne Delamotte is more than 270 years old with the goal of becoming a universal language of wine that is not just for an elite, but for all gourmets and the naturally curious. A bottle of Delamotte is considered worth many times more than its selling price, so that the international wine critic James Suckling called Delamotte "one of truly artisanal champagnes worth buying best"!

If you are a wine connoisseur, you must have known Champagne Salon, one of the rarest and most sought-after wines in the world. The interesting thing is that Champagne Salon is best understood as a sister of Champagne Delamotte on Côte de Blancs.

During this visit, Mr. Grégoire Piochon had intimate meetings with the directors of the culinary department of luxury hotels and resorts in the series of events "Champagne Delamotte Party" organized by Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits from North to South.

1. Event “Champagne Delamotte Party”

This is the first event to welcome Mr. Grégoire Piochon in Vietnam. The event took place in Hanoi in the beautiful old French restaurant - La Table Hanoia.

2. Event “Champagne Delamotte Wine Tasting”

A special wine tasting event took place in the breathtaking setting of Furama Resort Danang, which is considered the gateway to three world cultural heritages: Hoi An, My Son and Hue.

3. Event “Champagne Delamotte Night”

This is a vibrant event that took place on the luxurious restaurant of ROS Yacht Club in the incredible space of Saigon by night.

4. Event “Champagne Delamotte & Seafood”

A party for seafood lovers took place in the cozy atmosphere of Duke's Oyster Bar restaurant. The ability to wonderfully pair with seafood dishes is also one of the attractive secrets of Champagne Delamotte.

Champagne Delamotte is currently exclusively distributed by Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits in Vietnam.

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