Fusion Resort, Quang Binh
Fusion Resort opened their doors in Quang Binh in 2020, bringing to the region elegant, wellness-focused accommodation in the form of spacious villas with stunning ocean views.
Bite-Sized Stories

Famed as the city’s “sexy tapas bar”, Tomatito’s playful, yet sophisticated, ambience promises to stir the senses with small-plates made for sharing and a sultry atmosphere created by the interior’s black and red colour scheme.

A Mediterranean Affair

The masterminds behind Jardin Des Sens are to thank for the Mediterranean Bistronomic Grocerant concept that is Mama Sens. Blending restaurant dining with a fine groceries shopping experience, the all-inone concept provides Saigoneers with the unique opportunity to shop and dine under one roof.

Saigon’s Garden Of Eden

Recent years have seen Peach Garden flourish from a traditional Cantonese-style eatery into a luxury diner that has garnered great appreciation worldwide.

Tickle Your Tastebuds

In Chinese culture, the term of endearment, “Bao Bei”, is used between family members and lovers. The concept behind this Chinese restaurant is therefore one of love and comfort and Bao Bei pays homage

Making No Misteaks

With their prudent use of only the finest beef, a team of artisanal steak chefs and the embodiment of the Japanese concept of “Omotenashi”, IL CORDA stands tall as one of Saigon’s most notable steakhouses.

The Art Of “Nhau”

LAAIRAI’s intimate and inviting atmosphere perfectly encapsulates Vietnamese “Nhau” culture, encouraging heartfelt conversations and the enjoyment of good food through its sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere and talented chefs.

Transport To The Tropics

Transporting guests to a tropical heaven, The Brix Eatery Saigon is a new arrival in Saigon’s dining scene that promises to impress.

Food For The Soul
The fiery passion that is quintessential to Latin American culture is no stranger to Sol Kitchen. With rattan furnishing, a white and terracotta colour scheme and an abundance of cacti, Sol Kitchen is a taste of South America in the heart of Saigon. 
Small Yet Mighty

One of Saigon’s more intimate eateries, KIBA’s small plates and cozy venue proves that bigger does not always mean better