Sunshine Equipment

If you are looking for the most suitable proposal to your needs regarding kitchen design, equipment for your kitchen/bar, or professional warranty-maintenance service, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Sunshine Equipment was established in 2009 as a company that would provide customers with specialised kitchen, bar and industrial laundry equipment including imported equipments from well-known brands worldwide. The management includes both Western and Asian staff to meet all customer’s expectations. Along with the high quality of its brands, Sunshine Equipment provides an end-to-end service performance: Consult-Design-Supply-Install-Warranty-Maintenance. The Company considers itself more than an equipment distributor in Vietnam; it is able to fulfil all customer requirements from a simple unit sale to a whole kitchen project.

Sunshine Equipment partners the customer from the inception phase of their kitchen design through to the completion of the professional kitchen, bar or laundry area. Drawing on their seven years of professional experience, Sunshine Equipment has become one of the most trusted equipment providers in the food-service industry in Vietnam and Cambodia. Well established brands and products are confident in their expertise to provide the very best in professional service and have confidence that they will enhance their image.

The most popular products provided by Sunshine Equipment to satisfy customer’s requirements are vegetable processors, food blenders, meat slicers, spiral mixers, cool/hot display showcases, wine chillers, walk-in cold rooms, freezer/chillers, open burners, Asian cooking ranges, char rock broilers, rotary ovens, pizza ovens, deep fryer machines, dish/ glass washers, washer dryers, ice maker machines, ice cream machines, juice extractors, coffee machines, and waffle/crepe machines.

For restaurants, hotels and other hospitality providers looking for a suitable proposal for their kitchen needs, whether it is in kitchen design, equipment for their kitchen/bar, or professional warranty-maintenance service, please feel free to contact Sunshine Equipment. A dedicated and experienced After Sales Service team is available to give immediate expertise and help, supported by a Hotline seven days per week.

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