Stylish Entertaining

Slogging over the stove is no fun, especially during the festive season, when there are guests that need entertaining. The right kitchen appliance can make a world of difference, saving you from lengthy hours of preparation and giving you more time to mingle. Here are some of the latest must-have kitchen gadgets that make cooking and entertaining a breeze.


Heritage meets innovation as SMEG rolls out Galileo, a new generation of made-in-Italy ovens that aims to revolutionise the cooking experience for the modern home. A redesigned heating system allows for maximum efficiency, while three different cooking modes – traditional, steam, and microwave cooking – lets you put together entire feasts, from appetisers to mains and desserts.

Spearheading the Galileo line is the Omnichef range, an all-in-one oven which highlights the brand’s multi-cooking technology. Enjoy full control over recipes, as different cooking methods can be programmed to operate one after another or simultaneously, without needing to reset temperature and duration parameters.

Wow guests with healthy and flavourful dishes made with the steam range, which combines traditional cooking and variable dispensing steam. The Steam100PRO offers steam injections between 20 percent to 100 percent yielding fat-free results that keep moisture sealed in and flavours intact. Other special functions include sous vide cooking, barbecue, stone cooking, and air frying. There is also a multi-point probe that can identify internal temperatures from up to three zones within an ingredient, ensuring meat and fish are always cooked to perfection.

The Speedwave XL range is ideal for those in a time crunch. This energy-saving microwave oven comes equipped with inverter and stirrer technologies for uniform cooking and accurate temperature control, eliminating the need for a rotating plate. It also has five cooking levels that reduce prep time by up to 40 percent.


Impress guests with a chef-level gourmet spread courtesy of V-ZUG, Switzerland’s leading household appliances brand. Unveiled at Milan Design Week back in April, their flagship steamer, the Excellence Line CombiSteamer V6000 Grand, combines the advantages of steam with perfectly distributed hot air and a full-surface grill. The oven’s large capacity lets you whip up large portions or multiple dishes at once, while the double-sided heat distribution ensures consistent cooking results throughout. You can also keep track of your cooking progress with the CircleSlider, which is engraved into the oven’s glass exterior.

For an elevated wine experience, store your drinks in V-ZUG’s Wine Cooler V4000, which features a sleek and striking design, with angled beech wood shelves and elegant lighting for display. The device comes with advanced wine cooling functions, including an adjustable optimum temperature zone for both red and white wines.


Gift your guests with their own sampler wine kits using the Coravin Vinitas™, a new device that fractionises standard-sized wine bottles into single serves for sampling. Primarily designed for wineries, distributors, retailers, and wine schools, the tabletop-sized device comes with four individual bays that can fractionalise up to 90 samples per hour from any type of source container, including large formats such as kegs, tanks, and barrels. Its proprietary technology uses pure argon or nitrogen gas to extract wine or spirits from a source bottle and dispense them into sample bottles. Low-permeability tubing creates an oxygen-free environment, ensuring each sample bottle is perfectly preserved for up to 12 months, retaining flavours and aromas as if they were newly opened; while an automated smart system features a precise filling function to ensure zero waste when transferring from source bottles.

The Coravin Vinitas™ is available for lease on a month-to-month duration – ideal for entertaining guests if you’re hosting multiple gatherings over the holiday season.


Keep the drinks and conversation flowing with Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite Wine Cellar. As Samsung’s first full-height wine storage appliance, the Wine Cellar makes a luxury statement and adds a touch of refinement to any space, with its smooth metallic finish complemented by an elegant gold copper-edged frame.

A suite of innovative features ensures ideal conditions for your wine collection – including a Triple-Glazed Door that blocks UV rays from chemically altering the taste of wines, humidity control to prevent oxidation, as well as a Triple-Temperature Zone that allows storage of different types of wine. A dedicated presentation zone lets wine enthusiasts show off their prized collection to guests.

Complementing the cellar are the 1-Door Fridge and 1-Door Freezer, designed to blend harmoniously with the cellar as a modular configuration. The fridge comes with a built-in infuser to create delicious fruit and herb-flavoured beverages, while the freezer’s Dual Auto Ice Maker automatically dispenses Whisky Ball or cubed ice.

Elevate your experience with SmartThings integration and let the SmartThings Smart Wine Storage feature act as a personal sommelier. Simply scan the labels of each wine bottle and key in the required information to manage your wine inventory efficiently via an app.