Notes Of Flavor, Tones Of Melody

Music has a profound influence on our emotional state as it can ignite excitement and evoke nostalgic memories. Perceived through our sense of hearing, every melody and rhythm, be it tranquil or energetic, possesses the power to amplify the enjoyment of food and beverages.

Numerous studies continue to confirm the profound impact of auditory stimuli on our perception of food and beverages. Consequently, when we combine our favorite drinks with the enchanting notes of music, it can elevate the experience to new heights. A remarkable study conducted by Oxford University has unveiled that the right choice of music can enhance our enjoyment of wine by an astonishing 15%. Additionally, the research revealed that sweet wines harmonize effortlessly with languid melodies and steady rhythms, such as those emanating from a gentle piano. Meanwhile, acidic wines find their perfect match in fast-paced, high-pitched tunes. Furthermore, the indulgence of salty wines is often intertwined with the enchanting melodies of brass instruments, creating a truly captivating experience.

Krug, a well-known figure, emphasizes the significance of music in the culinary arts. The historical connection between Champagne and music can be traced back over a hundred years. Olivier Krug, a member of the founding family for six generations, elucidates, "Since our establishment in 1843, we have continuously sought means to enhance the champagne tasting experience. In 1920, shortly after World War I, Joseph Krug II introduced the first private music room at the Krug ancestral dwelling in Reims. Presently, we uphold this tradition by welcoming visitors from around the globe to the Krug Music Yurt, situated within the enchanting gardens." The director openly communicates about the integrated project known as Krug Echoes. "It is an immersive realm of music pairing encounters. Every year, the brand invites numerous composers, musicians, and live sound artists to partake in Krug champagne tastings. Inspired by flavors based on personal preferences, these artists either select music or craft original compositions - Krug Echoes - that convey the marvelous flavors they perceive through melody."

Simone Rossi, the beverage manager at DarkSide Bar in Rosewood Hong Kong, believes that the connection between music and cocktails is undeniable and profound. He explains, "The relationship between music and atmosphere undoubtedly has a significant impact on our mood. Not only does it affect our taste buds, but it also enhances the overall experience." Camille Glass, a restaurateur, wine tasting expert, and co-founder of Crushed Wines, shares this sentiment, stating, "Music has the power to completely shape how we enjoy wine, or virtually anything for that matter. Our surroundings always influence us”.

At Brut!, a variety of music is played to reflect the energy in the room. They usually start off with some jazz or R&B electronic music, gradually transitioning to funk, hip hop, or even a Harry Styles tune as the night gets more hectic. And, of course, Nas is always a good choice.

The choice of music that complements the drink is highly subjective. Like Krug, Rossi also believes that there is no one perfect combination of cocktails and music. Rather, it's the overall ambiance, which includes the music, that truly matters. He candidly stated, "Every venue has its own unique atmosphere, music, and entertainment direction. Once the perfect atmosphere is achieved and everyone is fully enjoying themselves, that's when the cocktail pairing truly shines."