Elite Lifestyle Privilege

Launched in September 2023, Prime Lounge – located at Tan Son Nhat International Airport - has quickly become the ideal destination for entrepreneurs and those with a trendy lifestyle, thanks to its exquisite and perfectly refined space that matches the elite standards on every journey.

The epitome of the 'First Class' experience

According to the World Bank, Vietnam's economy is forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing, with a GDP growth rate of 5.5% in 2024 and gradually increasing to 6.0% in 2025. The per capita income in 2024 is expected to reach $4,200 USD per year.

In particular, emerging technology platforms and current business trends have opened up numerous job opportunities and high-income prospects, leading to a segment of young customers with the ability to spend on premium experiences, especially in the aviation sector.

In the past, business class was primarily common on international flights; however, it has experienced a significant increase in popularity on domestic flights in recent years. Numerous passengers, corporations, and large organizations have expressed interest in and desire to utilize business lounge services.

The growing demand for premium services has prompted brands to upgrade and segment their services to cater to the unique requirements of this customer segment. This is not only providing high-quality experiences, but it also indicative of the appreciation for personalized experiences that service providers dedicate to their customers in the aviation industry.

Luxury products and premium service are not determined by price, according to industry experts. Customers are willing to pay for the best experiences, thereby affirming their social status.

Prime Lounge – Top-tier Business Lounge

With the presence of Bat Trang ceramic, Ha Dong silk and artistic lacquerware, customers have the chance to experience Vietnam's rich cultural heritage through delicate contemporary artworks, showcasing the nation's longstanding traditions.

Especially, the combination of lotus patterns with classic British Colonial-style interiors creates an opulent ambiance, offering an ideal destination for experiencing distinctive cultural and artistic excellence, setting a premier standard before the flight.

At Prime Lounge, each element is meticulously designed to provide a genuine "First Class" experience. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you will be treated to an exceptional journey that includes a sumptuous buffet featuring Asian and European cuisine, premium À la carte dishes, the iconic Pho Sen - the epitome of Vietnamese cuisine - and unique cocktails crafted by expert bartenders.

Prime Lounge is distinguished for its dedication, attentiveness, and professionalism in service delivery, reflecting the values and extensive experience of a top airport service brand in Vietnam. In its six-month of operation, Prime Lounge has garnered numerous of compliments and positive reviews from VIP guests, airlines, partners, and reputable online travel platforms.

With an ambition to excel, SASCO - the operator of Prime Lounge, pledges to deliver top-notch 5-star experiences worthy of luxury, cherishing every precious moment of passengers on each journey.

Prime Lounge

To explore the services and enjoy the Elite Lifestyle Privilege of Prime Lounge, please visit: https://sascobusinesslounge.com/product/phong-cho-prime/

Or contact Hotline: 096.326.1818

1st Floor, Near Gate 11, Domestic Departure Terminal, Tan Son Nhat International Airport