Elevating Dishes Beyond Mere Topping

Since its establishment in 2018, Caspiar Caviar has emerged as a leader in luxury gastronomy, becoming Vietnam’s largest caviar purveyor, and the world's top 3 exporter of “Private Label” caviar. The company’s rapid growth, and tremendous global success, is deeply rooted in their profound commitment to nature, sustainability, traceability and accountability.

Caspiar is renowned for its "single origin caviar," which is organically prepared to effect balanced flavours, and perfected textures, esteemed by aficionados and culinary professionals alike. The company practises environmentally respectful and health-conscious farming of their five sturgeon varietals, aiming to replicate nature’s conditions as thoroughly as possible.

Their sublime Imperial Caviar and Golden Albinos "White Pearls" Caviar is produced in Dalat, Vietnam, known as the "City of Eternal Springs". Dalat lies 1,800 metres above sea level, and their farm is fed by the purest mountain spring water, resulting in an ideal environment for raising and nurturing sturgeons. Their Royal Oscietre, Amur Prestige, and Beluga Royale Caviar strains are cultivated in Dujiangyan, China, high above the City of Chengdu. Coined "The Land of Abundance", the city is celebrated for its 2,000-year-old irrigation system, offering an unparalleled environment for large sturgeon breeding, and caviar harvesting. Caspiar's unique marketing strategy avoids traditional methodology, and instead relies upon word-of-mouth endorsements from premiere chefs and restaurants throughout the world. This grassroots approach has significantly contributed to establishing and solidifying Caspiar’s prestigious status among the global elite. Jonathan Dinh, founder and CEO of Caspiar Caviar, and a former chef himself, views caviar as more than just a garnish or topping; he believes it to be a central element in culinary creation, a philosophy shared by a plethora of top Vietnamese chefs who have meticulously incorporated his brand into their recipes.


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