Vietnam's Culinary Masters Unite

On the 24 of May, in an awe-inspiring display of solidarity, 25 of Vietnam’s most esteemed chefs gathered at the Upscale Experience Zone in Galleria, Metropole to endorse Chef Vu Xuan Truong and his commis, Chef Đỗ Văn Đông, as they prepare for the Bocuse d’Or Asia-Pacific competition. Hosted by Upscale, the event not only celebrated Vietnam's rising status in the culinary world but also highlighted Upscale’s leadership in national gastronomy and innovative kitchen appliances.

Founded in 1987 by Chef Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse d’Or is often called the culinary Olympics, showcasing the world's finest chefs as they craft exceptional dishes under intense scrutiny. This prestigious competition tests not only culinary skills but also innovation and presentation, appealing to an international panel of judges. Celebrating gourmet cooking, the Bocuse d’Or epitomizes the precision, innovation, and craftsmanship required to excel in the culinary world.

The afternoon began with a breathtaking culinary demonstration by Chef Truong and his commis, utilizing the Velacucina, the first invisible induction cooker in Southeast Asia. They crafted a meticulously prepared lamb loin stuffed with caramelized onion and pistachio, wrapped in spinach mousse and tramezzini bread, adhering to the rigorous standards of the Bocuse d’Or. This exhibition of culinary mastery highlighted their skills and underscored the advanced capabilities of Upscale’s kitchen solutions, setting new benchmarks in kitchen technology and design.

During the event, Chef Sakal Phoeung, President of Bocuse d’Or Vietnam, praised Chef Truong’s dedication, stating, "We chose Chef Truong for his unwavering dedication and professionalism, which truly embody the spirit of our culinary heritage." These words deeply moved Chef Truong, who displayed profound emotion, reflecting his strong commitment to his craft and his nation.

“Cooking has always been my quiet form of expression. Yet today, I find myself addressing everyone with a profound sense of pride as I represent Vietnam at the Bocuse d’Or—the world's most prestigious culinary competition. This endeavor celebrates our shared legacy. As I prepare to compete on this global stage, I bring with me the essence of Vietnamese cuisine—resilient, vibrant, and inherently communal. I seek your support and encouragement, not solely for myself but for all of Vietnam. Let's demonstrate to the world the depth of our culinary heritage and the warmth of our people," shared Chef Truong, his voice brimming with heartfelt passion and determination.

“At Upscale, supporting Team Vietnam at the Bocuse d'Or is both an honor and a reflection of our commitment to culinary innovation and excellence," stated Sami Bou Antoun, CEO of Upscale. "We are immensely proud to back such a dedicated team that resonates with our core values."