Sweet Showstoppers (Part 1)

Whether it’s a crystal-shaped wagashi in Bali or a tipsy afternoon tea treat in Jakarta, two of Indonesia’s gastronomic destinations have proved that there should always be room for dessert. The sweet showstoppers are available throughout the day in different pâtisseries, boulangeries and viennoiseries in the city and the island.


1. Namelaka

True to its name which means “smooth and creamy” in Japanese, Namelaka has been garnering ardent followers due to its addictive choux creations. Founded by pastry chefs Ivan Setyawan and Yoan Tjahjadi, Namelaka started off in 2016 selling online pastry products made from fine-quality ingredients. Since then, they have opened two in-store shops in Central and North Jakarta, serving more than 15 flavours of choux, cakes and plated desserts.

Unique local flavours like Tape (fermented cassava) sit together with Honey Yuzu, Blue Cheese & Pear, and Snickers. Each choux is topped with craquelin, adding an extra texture to better enjoy the creamy puff. Its latest must-try creation is Blossom Cake, made of Oolong tea, Bavarian cream, white peach cream, jelly, jam, and almond crunch. Open daily, 10am – 9pm.
Shophaus, Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36, Menteng. Tel: +62 813 2023 2025

2. Conservatory

Located on level 23 of Park Hyatt Jakarta, Conservatory offers four different experiences throughout the day. There’s the Library where one can retreat to or work amid a serene setting filled with objets d’art; the Living Room to socialise and view the city’s iconic landmarks; the open-air Veranda; and last but not least, the Patisserie.

The latter is the domain of pastry chef Ali Saleh, baker John Tobing and their talented team. A fabulous display of Peanut Caramel Tart, Pistachio Raspberry, Date Pecan Choux, and other dainty handcrafted sweets are served to satisfy the guests’ cravings. Combining a killer view of Jakarta’s skyline and impeccable service, it is not a surprise that the Conservatory’s Afternoon Tea is one of the de rigueur experiences in town. Open daily, 10am – 10pm. Jl. Kebon Sirih 17-19. Tel: +62 21 311 90333

3. Crio

Created as a one-stop culinary destination for dining and drinking, Menteng’s new restaurant is powered and founded by Richie Pratadaja. After spending more than a decade working in the United States, he decided to come back home in 2019 and set up his own place. Since opening its doors last year, he has quickly been recognised as one of the most exciting chocolatiers in town.

Crio offers tapas-style dishes, solid cocktails as well as handcrafted chocolate bonbons, bars, petit gateau, and desserts. A theatrically huge window showcases the tempering process of the chocolate, tempting guests to taste his beautifully displayed creations. Glossy bonbons and bars like Cashew, Pecan Praline, Rum Raisins, and more can be purchased for takeaway. However, there is no better way to enjoy a special treat than to indulge in something like Xocolatl – dark chocolate mousse, cremeux, sponge, caramelised puffed rice, hazelnut praline – immediately, and preferably accompanied by a glass of cocktail and a live jazz band. Open daily, 7am – 10pm/2am on weekends. Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.43. Tel: +62 812 1001 5969

4. Raffles Patisserie

Putra Anom has been quietly garnering followers because of his creative takes on cakes, special hampers and afternoon tea. As Raffles Jakarta’s pastry chef, he is responsible for creating beautifully handcrafted morsels for the hotel’s Raffles Patisserie, Arts Café by Raffles’ highly coveted Sunday brunches, and other special events.

His prowess in marrying French pastry techniques with Indonesian flavours and produce is evident in Raffles Jakarta’s signature Tipsy Tea with Moët & Chandon. With a glass of Champagne in hand, guests are invited to savour delicacies such as Jasmine Honey Choux, Apricot & Elderflower, Pistachio Rose Tart, Orange Blossom Chocolate, and Yuzu Lavender Sphere. Open daily, 8am – 9pm. Ciputra World, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav.3- 5. Tel: +62 855 8155 888