Making The Cut
Executive chef Pak Chee Yit of Madame Fan reveals why knife skills and cutting techniques are essential in a Chinese kitchen, and shares tips on how to sharpen a home-cooking game.
Hope For A Better Future
Regenerative farming is said to produce wholesome and nutrient-dense food while helping to reverse climate change, rebuild farm ecology and improve soil biodiversity. Is such agriculture too good to be true?
Great Bakes
If life’s meant to experience sinful indulgences, then don’t waste time and calories on average bakes. Instead, try 50 Things to Bake Before You Die for easy yet mouthwatering recipes.
Perfecting The Pie
An Australian food icon, meat pies are a hearty and deliciously addictive dish that defines the Land Down Under. Here’s how to spot the best pie yet – or even better, make your own.
Trends You Knead To Know

Fads come and go, but one thing that will never change is the allure of baked goods. Here are some of the popular baking and pastry trends to watch out for this year.

Go With Your Gut

Probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, microbiomes – these aren’t just trending buzzwords anymore. We talk to industry experts to understand what makes gut health so integral to our overall well-being and the kind of foods that can make all the difference.

A Home Cook’s Dream

Singapore may be small but there isn’t anything that a home cook could desire that isn’t available on our little red dot anymore, thanks to the efforts of gourmet grocers and specialty outfits.

Say No To Additives

Healthy eating and additive-free foods have never been more popular. We shine the spotlight on three companies and the good people behind them who make it possible.

Better With Age

Fermentation, perhaps the oldest biotech process, has been around for millennia, giving longer shelf life to fresh produce and preventing foods from spoiling.

The Scent Of Seduction

Often underestimated, olfactory sense is actually what matters when it comes to one’s amorous pursuit in finding the perfect aphrodisiac.