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When it comes to luxury kitchen design, the name that consistently stands out for innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance is Poggenpohl. With their latest creation, the +MODO concept, the renowned German brand once again demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern kitchen aesthetics.

Designed by the visionary architect Jorge Pensi, +MODO represents a new era in kitchen design that breaks away from conventional norms. It aspires to open up spaces and provide homeowners with a canvas to express their individual style, effectively transforming their kitchen into a work of art.

At the core of the +MODO concept is a radical idea that redefines the traditional kitchen layout. Pensi envisioned an open space between the worktop and base cabinets, creating transparency while allowing for flexible design and usage. This innovative approach not only infuses a sense of lightness and openness into the kitchen but also provides a purposeful area for personalization and expression.

One of the standout features of +MODO is the floating impression of the worktop, achieved through delicate and variably colored supports. This unique design allows homeowners to showcase their personally arranged accessories on the worktop, be it vases, art objects, pots, or exquisite porcelain pieces. The accessories appear to be naturally suspended, creating a captivating visual effect that adds sophistication to the overall kitchen aesthetic.

An intriguing detail of the +MODO concept is the discreetly integrated tray-like pull-outs on top of the base cabinets. These pull-outs can be effortlessly extended, offering easy access and convenient filling. To enhance both functionality and visual appeal, optional glass walls can be added, instantly transforming the trays into elegant display cases. Even kitchen utensils can be beautifully presented, elevating everyday items into stylish design elements.

With the +MODO kitchen concept, Poggenpohl has redefined luxury and innovation in kitchen design. With its ingenious features, +MODO transcends the boundaries of traditional kitchens, becoming an expression of individuality and artistic freedom. It combines functionality and elegance with impeccable attention to detail, creating a space where culinary pursuits and design aesthetics coexist harmoniously.

Clearly, with this groundbreaking concept, Poggenpohl continues its legacy of innovation and excellence in luxury kitchen design. +MODO not only showcases the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity but also redefines the way people interact with and personalize their kitchen spaces. This inspired design embraces the art of living and reflects individuality, allowing homeowners to craft their dream culinary haven according to their unique tastes and preferences.

In addition to its exceptional kitchen architecture, Poggenpohl offers an extensive array of materials, surfaces, and colors for homeowners to customize their designs. From smooth or framed fronts to an infinite palette of hues for the cabinets and countertops, the combination of options is almost limitless, ensuring each creation is distinctive and bespoke. Poggenpohl’s rich selection of materials and textures, including solid woods, veneers, natural stones, and metals, further enhances the appeal of the kitchens, striking the perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

Poggenpohl, known for its long tradition of innovation, is the pioneer behind the truly modern kitchen. The company seamlessly blends architectural concepts and applications with trend-setting designs, superb craftsmanship, and technical precision. Founded in 1892 as a small cabinetmaker’s shop, Poggenpohl has evolved into a leading brand offering the pinnacle of luxury kitchen design.

Poggenpohl kitchens are meticulously crafted at its headquarters in Herford, Germany, ensuring the highest standard of quality and distinction. The company’s products are distributed in over 70 countries worldwide through an international network of their own studios and authorized business partners.


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