Health Benefits Of Coffee

Offering a range of choices from latte, cappuccino, espresso to cold brew or just iced cold, black and full bodied, coffee is always a perfect drink to boost your mood and start your day with full of energy. With its versatility and tantalising taste, coffee is one of the most favorite widely consumed drinks in the world. Maybe you do not know, but in 2020/2021 alone, there are over 166 million 60kg bags of coffee consumed around the world.

In spite of its origin from Ethiopia, people now think about coffee as an international drink as the world collectively enjoys it. However, it is interesting to find out that even each country has their own way to consume this aromatic drink. While Mexicans love to add a touch of winter in coffee by simmering it with a stick of cinnamon, Portugal people seem to be a big fan of refreshing summer-inspired coffee, which is mixed with lemon juice and ices. Americans’ way of drinking coffee is probably the most popular - mixed with milk and sugar, while in Finland, hot coffee is poured with cheese curds. Asians countries, such as Malaysia, mixed coffee and milk tea together to create a wonderful bitter sweet beverage.

However you love to enjoy this drink, generally speaking, the reason for its popularity, in addition to its hearty taste, is the effect it has on us. Usually known as an indispensable starter pack for millions of people, coffee contains an amount of caffeine, which can boost energy and performance. But  its health benefit is far more than that, as long as you consume it “right”. What does “right” mean? It mainly depends on when you drink coffee as well as how much you drink.  Let’s take a closer look at the ultimate instruction for coffee drinking as well as its positive aspects below.

Energy And Performance Booster

As mentioned above, most people love coffee because it offers an immediate boost in alertness and performance. Only a cup of coffee can have the power to get them through the day if they are desperate. With an average of 100 mg contained in every mug, this is when caffeine comes into play and provides you that kick that you really need. The way caffeine creates energy boosting is firing up certain neurons when it is absorbed into the bloodstream These neurons then improve memory, energy, mood and cognitive function.

However, no matter where you love coffee, make sure to limit your daily consumption under four cups, as the FDA has cited that 400 mg caffeine per day is the safe amount to prevent you from suffering negative effects. However, please note that pregnant women may not be in this case. In addition, the impact of caffeine on each person is also different. If you love the taste but caffeine is having an adverse side effect on you, there are a range of brands providing decaffeinated options, while still containing caffeine, the amount is lowered to around 7mg per cup. 

A Metabolism Booster

Research has suggested that coffee could help with burning fat and boosting metabolic rate, which allows us to lead healthy lifestyles and control weight more easily. This is definitely a good news for coffee lovers who are seeking treatment for obesity or just need help with weight management. This is the explanation for why we usually notice the present of caffeine in commercial fat burning supplements. 

Coffee Contains Essential Nutrients

Thanks to the way coffee is produced, many nutrients in coffee beans are still present in the resulting brewed cup you enjoy. These important nutrients include riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), manganese and potassium, and magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3). In addition to this, it is believed that coffee is high in antioxidants and provides one of the best sources of this in your whole diet. 

Coffee Can Lower The Risk Of Certain Illnesses  

Several studies have been undertaken to find out the health benefits of coffee and its important caffeine element, and perhaps the most interesting results are those surrounding Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, stroke, liver issues and depression. Proven to prevent or lower the risk of the above, it’s certainly worth taking into consideration the benefits that a few cups of coffee each day can bring.