First Bottled In The 1800s, Now Sparkling In 2023

Evian, the quintessential name in bottled water, recently introduced their latest addition to their historic beverage brand portfolio - evian Sparkling - a crisp, refreshing, and effervescent beverage to tickle the palate.

Crafted by its 15-year natural filtration journey, deep in the heart of the French Alps, evian sparkling denotes the brand’s ethos of healthy hydration. The process begins with snow and rain, infiltrating the grounds of their impluvium, before slowly travelling through layers of ancient glacial rock where the water becomes naturally filtered and enriched with essential electrolytes and minerals.

Launched in 2022, and now available in multi-global markets, evian Sparkling aims to awaken the senses through a unique and refreshing sparkling sensation, a result which is dazzling, bubbly and pleasingly light upon its taste.

Shweta Harit, VP of Marketing at evian, states: “evian Sparkling represents new possibilities for the brand, as we reimagine our uniquely sourced water into an exciting new product. evian Sparkling stands out for its true purity* and freshness– elevating your experiences and keeping you hydrated. This new product contains the perfect level of sparkles with its fine bubbles creating a subtle taste and gentle intensity. Available for the first time in recyclable glass bottles, this latest innovation demonstrates our longstanding pioneering spirit that runs through everything we do at evian.”

The release of evian Sparkling follows the launch of its ‘Drink True’ global campaign, celebrating authenticity and honesty, reflecting the purity of the uniquely sourced evian mineral water.

evian has always been committed to preserving nature, not only by protecting its water source, but by continually investing in innovation. evian®, a Danone brand, embraces the company’s One Planet. One Health vision - the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected, and therefore need to be protected and nourished. evian is also committed to making all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, adopting a ‘circular approach’ to plastic usage, where plastic is kept within the economy, and out of nature. With input from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, evian developed a roadmap for the company to move away from a linear model to a circular one. This means that all their bottles will be produced from recycled plastic, eliminating the need for, or use of, virgin plastics. This approach will enable plastic to evolve from potential waste, to a valuable commodity and resource. evian plans to achieve this through pioneering partnerships in the redesign of its packaging, the acceleration of recycling initiatives and the removal of plastic pollution from nature.

Annam Professional is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Evian (Danone) in Vietnam.

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