Wellness Dinner – Language Of Positive Energy

On June 15, 2022, GWD will hold the 1st Wellness Dinner in the GWD 2022 series of activities at the Luxury Boutique Hotel - Mia Saigon, believes that hospitality from the heart must take into consideration the well-being of guests from a holistic point of view - physical, mental and nutritional. To help guests understand this message, GWD Vietnam, in continuous collaboration with certified nutritionists, aims to offer a full range of SPECIAL WELLNESS MEALS.

The wellness menu is designed to be balanced and contains nutrient rich whole foods to promote multiple health benefits. Salt and sugar use is minimized and anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting superfoods are featured. Sustainable sourcing of ingredients is also an integral part of the holistic wellness food philosophy and the menu incorporates organic elements.

More than ever, interest in healthy living is growing in Vietnam. More and more Vietnamese are focusing on personal wellness!

The dinner will be the occasion to welcome our distinguished guests including supermodel Vu Thu Phuong, designer Nguyen Hoang Ngan, singer Ho Trung Dung, singer Truong Thao Nhi, makeup artist Bao Bao, couple Mr. Hai & Madame Mai Thanh - Chairwoman of REE Corporation, entrepreneurs and journalists in Ho Chi Minh City and meet our expert Iron chef David Thai, international gastronomy advisor Rene Marre who can help and support. Henri wishes to share his journey with Global Wellness Day and his 4 years as Ambassador in this warm and emotional atmosphere evening. Also to express his gratitude to his friends,KOLs, journalists and partners for joining hands and spreading good values so that GWD could achieve today's results.

Although this would be the first time Henri Hubert collaborate with chef Julio Gomez, "Julio is a dedicated chef in wellness gastronomy who is very serious about his job with sensitivity and his particularity to conceptualize every single dish he makes. That is what I really respect about him”. Being a creative in the fashion industry, Henri Hubert found his personality and artistic passion similar to that of Chef Julio - a creator in the culinary world. Henri believes in Julio's talent, experience as well as his own know-hows to create a healthy, nutritious meal for this Wellness Dinner.

The dinner will get even more appealing with the dishes presentation from chef Julio. The inspiration for the Wellness menu, the nutritious ingredients that make up each dish, and the process of creating the dish are fully described by the chef. The guests will not only relax, forget about everyday stressful moments, but also have their curiosity satiated and discover the speciality of each dish. To thank all precious guests, Wellness Dinner bid its farewell with special gifts from Q1 Nutrition, 365 begins.

“Living well is a process of awareness and the effort to act accordingly in everyday life. Healthy living comes from the way you think positively, understand yourself, keep a balance between your mental and physical state under all circumstances” - Henri Hubert