Penfolds Ventures Beyond With Pop-Up Penfolds: Terminal 1844

Penfolds invites visitors to an immersive pop-up in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam in the last week of June. Indulge in playful and shareable wine tasting sessions featuring Penfolds’ ‘House Style’ wines. Always striving to do things differently and Venture Beyond the ordinary, this pop-up will offer its own unique set of experiences unlike the previous pop-ups. This pop-up is also a sneak preview of the new thematic ‘Venture Beyond’ with the winery’s new branding and packaging made available for sale for the first time.

Introducing Penfolds: Terminal 1844, a pop-up that welcomes all those who dare to meet extraordinary to Venture Beyond. Held from 25 June to 1 July 2022 at Van Hanh Mall, Zone A Ground Floor, Penfolds: Terminal 1844 will launch the Penfolds limited-edition thematic gift boxes and provide complimentary wine tasting of the Penfolds Koonunga Hill range. The first two days will offer guests dance performances, games and interactive activities from 7-8pm.

From the pioneering astronauts to the futuristic tin rockets, each limited-edition thematic gift box is an artistic expression of space, planets, and galaxies that signify Penfolds’ ongoing thirst to venture beyond, rather than accepting the status quo. Penfolds’ iconic Bin 389, also known as Baby Grange, will be encased in a metallic rocket tin to showcase the deep-rooted desire to explore the unknown, which is space. Theatrical and surprising, our rocket tins and moon crater tins are designed to capture our consumers’ imaginations and to be collected as keepsakes.

Globally, Penfolds has also commissioned Australian illustrator Jason Solo to bring the space thematic to life by interpreting the Venture Beyond concept in a playful, luxurious way – using his refined style full of intricate detail, paired with striking colour palettes and dynamism — to develop the artwork for Penfolds Max’s thematic gift boxes.

Continuing the personalised gifting journey with Penfolds, customers who purchase any bottle of wine at Penfolds: Terminal 1844 can personalize an exclusive luggage tag with a message. The luggage tag designed with a brushed silver finish and encased in red were specially selected as travel reopens this season, encouraging the spirit of Venture Beyond.