Experience The Delight Of Afternoon Tea Infused With European-Vietnamese Flavors

In episode 14 of Super Cake, a TV show dedicated to cake enthusiasts and skilled bakers, contestants Vu Thinh and Bao Khanh showcased their talents by crafting a unique and visually appealing afternoon tea set, infused with the delightful flavors of maple, adding a Vietnamese touch.

Despite facing formidable opponents and daunting challenges throughout the competition, Vu Thinh and Bao Khanh emerged as semifinalists, earning the opportunity to compete against each other for a spot in the final round. In the initial challenge, both bakers received a Secret Gift Box containing a flawed cake, and their task was to identify and rectify the error, creating a flawless cake.

Additionally, they were provided with a powerful supporting ingredient, the Golden Label product from the Rich's brand. This Gold Label ice cream, boasting a delicious vanilla flavor and a remarkable rise of approximately 350-400%, facilitated the bakers' creativity and resulted in remarkable cakes.

Recognized for his imaginative mindset and quest for flavor innovation, baker Vu Thinh undertook the challenge of creating a four-layer cream cake comprising chocolate, cherry filling, earl gray tea custard, and rambutan cheese. This unique combination propelled him to victory in the Super Cake Challenge round.

In the Super Cake Reveal round, the two contestants faced another demanding task: creating an afternoon tea cake set featuring four types of cakes of their choosing, along with one cake crafted according to judge Kieu Oanh's specifications.

Envisioning a galaxy-themed display, Vu Thinh adorned his concept with cosmic color tones. His selection included salty cream tiramisu, macarons, cookies, and creme brulee. The set was complemented by English rose tea and brown sugar.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, Vu Thinh's salty cream tiramisu featured a base of coffee chiffon topped with a combination of cream cheese, salty mascarpone, and custard. The macaron cake underwent a transformation, incorporating jasmine butter filling accentuated by the freshness of longan. Judge Tuong Van, a senior technical expert from Rich's brand, lauded the delicious combination of cookies with chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, and cranberries. Vu Thinh also demonstrated his ingenuity by infusing lavender flowers into the creme brulee, providing a unique aroma and offering stress and anxiety relief.

Bao Khanh, on the other hand, embraced femininity as her theme, with shades of pink and white dominating her color palette. The cakes she selected boasted pastel colors, and their flavors were delicate.

While their types of cakes may have been the same, each baker infused their creations with their own distinctive touches. For the Italian macarons, Bao Khanh introduced a filling inspired by Vietnamese trends, incorporating custard apple while accentuating the aroma of chrysanthemum to complement the tea party ambiance. Bao Khanh's pineapple creme brulee showcased the tropical fruit as the star ingredient, blending it with eggs, cream cheese, coconut milk, cinnamon powder, and fresh milk cream to deliver a fresh, novel flavor that greatly pleased host Ngoc Chau and guest Hai Nam.

Judge Kieu Oanh expressed particular admiration for Bao Khanh's crispy sundae filled with white chocolate and pistachios and her curry-flavored cake with caramel butter. Bao Khanh's selection of rose, chrysanthemum, and jasmine tea highlighted her skillfulness in matching teas with the cake flavors.

Bao Khanh's stellar performance in the second challenge secured her victory and the final ticket for the ultimate round, where she will face off against baker Phuong Nguyen.

Who will become the Super Cake Champion of the first season? We invite the audience to tune in to the final episode, airing at 8:20 p.m. on January 30th, on the HTV7 TV channel.