Boudoir Lounge Reopens At Sofitel Saigon Plaza

April 3rd, 2024 - Boudoir Lounge, nestled on the ground floor of Sofitel Saigon Plaza, has officially reopened its doors to guests on March 15, 2024. The revamped lounge promises a delightful experience with its bright ambiance, courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views of lush greenery. Drawing inspiration from classic French bars while exuding an air of elegance, Boudoir Lounge features red velvet curtains, plush sofas, and armchairs that invite guests to unwind in style.

From 8 AM to 11 PM daily, guests can indulge in a curated selection of beverages, light bites, delectable cakes, and evening cocktails, all served amidst a chic and sophisticated setting. With its cozy ambience, Boudoir Lounge is also an ideal venue for private events and gatherings.

Noteworthy is Boudoir's collaboration with renowned French Chef Robin Mouquet, known for his expertise in pastry spanning over a decade. Chef Robin Mouquet brings a wealth of experience from the world of haute cuisine, having worked at several two and three Michelin star restaurants, including the famed Louis XV alongside renowned chef Alain Ducasse. His journey led him to collaborate with other Michelin-starred chefs such as Michel Sarran, Alain Passard, Pierre Gagnaire, and Pierre Hermé, who was recognized as the world's best pastry chef in 2016.

In 2020, Robin moved to Ho Chi Minh City, marking the beginning of his culinary odyssey. His dedication and talent soon led to the establishment of his own pastry shop, paving the way for the success that followed. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to quality, Chef Robin Mouquet infuses his creations with a fusion of Vietnamese ingredients and French techniques, offering patrons a harmonious blend of flavors.

In April 2024, Boudoir Lounge will unveil an enticing range of new cakes crafted by Chef Robin Mouquet, followed by an innovative afternoon tea concept in May 2024. Boudoir Lounge’s partnership with Chef Robin Mouquet also underscores Sofitel Saigon Plaza’s commitment to bridging French and local Vietnamese cultures through culinary excellence. This collaboration not only promises delightful experiences for guests but also celebrates the intersection of two rich culinary traditions.