JW Cake Mixing Ceremony At JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

The JW Cake Mixing Ceremony was held on 19 October at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta ushered in the year-end festivities with joy and camaraderie. The air in Sailendra Restaurant became infused with the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and spices, setting the stage for this event that symbolises the year-end spirit. 

This celebration draws inspiration from European traditions dating back to the 17th century, bringing together friends, family, and colleagues in a culinary ritual that unites hearts and taste buds in delight and togetherness.

“This year-end celebration is special. We come together with esteemed guests, donning aprons and hats, encircling a table filled with ingredients in JW Cake Mixing Ceremony. As we combine these elements with wine and spirits, a symphony of flavours emerges. We store this culinary alchemy for 30 days, patiently nurturing the mixture until it transforms into the cakes for Christmas festivities,” says the hotel’s executive chef, Abhishek Basu.

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta has designed a lineup of holiday programs, including “Turkey to You”, delivering a Thanksgiving feast to your doorstep; JW Festive Hampers with seasonal delights, food and beverage promotions for Christmas and New Year, and family-friendly room deals.

These programmes enhance the holiday spirit, providing dining and accommodations reflecting togetherness and celebration. JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta invites you to celebrate the season in comfort, creating lasting memories.