Embark On A Historical Gastronomy Journey At Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Stepping into this legendary capital city’s hotel is an extraordinary experience. First opened in 1962, the opulent hotel has witnessed plenty of historical events from its location in Jakarta’s roundabout. The hotel 2024’s campaign, ‘Legend Lives On’, brings an array of historically inspired programmes and offerings to the hotel. One such programme is the Mustikarasa, which enriches the gastronomic offerings at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.

Inspired by the historical cookbook Mustikarasa, initiated by Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Soekarno, the F&B programme taps into the archipelago’s culinary heritage, especially Jakarta. Indonesia’s capital city has been a cultural melting pot since its time as the port of Sunda Kelapa. A bustling waterfront hub, it welcomed a wealth of cuisines from Europe, Arabia, India, and China. These influences intertwined with local flavours, creating a unique fusion cuisine.

“Indonesia is a very diverse country, and we are always looking for new ways to introduce our guests to different aspects of Indonesia,” says Harald Fitzek, general manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. “This time, we are highlighting the country’s amazing traditional dishes. Our Mustikarasa rotation programme is a tribute to the diverse flavours that have shaped Indonesia’s culinary landscape, offering guests an opportunity to discover the essence of our nation through food. We hope everyone joining us on this journey will gain a deeper appreciation for Indonesia’s vibrant culture and heritage.”

The bi-monthly rotating programme will see an array of traditional dishes influenced by diverse cultures. Each dish promises a unique taste of local flavour rich in history, as seen in the iconic cookbook. In May and June, find Betawi-China meals such as Sayur Babanci, Laksa Betawi, and Es Pacar Cina. In July, fans of the spices may not want to miss it as the hotel will put Betawi-Arab cuisines such as Nasi Kebuli, Nasi Mandhi, and Nasi Goreng Kambing at the forefront.

In September and October, diners can find warm and aromatic meals from the Betawi-India menu, such as Nasi Biryani, Kari Kambing, and Roti Canai. Ending the unique culinary programme in November and December are Betawi-Europe sustenance such as Bitterballen, Biefstuk Lidah, and Poffertjes.

August is reserved for a special menu that pays homage to President Soekarno’s catalysing days in Ende, Flores, which coincides with the Independence Day of Indonesia. The menu showcases Ende’s distinctive heritage, which President Soekarno was known for being fond of.

The Mustikarasa by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta will run throughout the year as part of the ‘Legend Lives On’ campaign. During the campaign, guests can meet The Curator, a dedicated cultural ambassador who will guide and enlighten them with historical storytelling. The hotel also collaborates with esteemed partners, including a professional orchestra presenting a captivating cultural performance.