Sansara's Tribute To The Ancient Flavors Of North India

An ancient Sanskrit word for “to flow”, the ethos of SanSara’s rich North Indian cuisine is inspired by the idea of a river that is constantly moving, evolving, and renewing itself. Thus, it is only apt that SanSara is located along the Singapore River, offering a rich culinary journey that flows through the diverse flavours and vibrant, cultural traditions and heritage of northern India.

SanSara pays tribute to the ancient roots of Awadhi cuisine, dating back to over 5,000 years ago, with influences from the royal Mughal, Turkish and Persian cuisines. The 50-seater restaurant is helmed by Master Chef Akhilesh Pathak, being his first overseas venture after having worked in fine dining restaurants in iconic cities across northern India.

Pathak celebrates time-honored culinary techniques and ancient cooking methods with signature dishes such as SanSara-E-Lazeez Maas, a slow cooked lamb curry; Kumbh Ki Galouti, one of the most famous royal dishes from Lucknow, literally translating to ‘melt in your mouth’, comprising minced button mushrooms, served on a disc of soft paratha.

Also interesting is the Murgh Paan Kebab, featuring tender chicken breast layered with betel leaf, spices, and Greek yoghurt. Complement the lamb curry with the Awadhi Gosht Biryani, for rich, fragrant basmati rice and fork-tender lamb chunks. Equally moreish is the coconut yoghurt based Sailana Jheenga for juicy prawns in the creamy coconut gravy. End on a classic Awadh dessert of Kulfi Falooda. Served sundae-style, the Indian ice cream is served atop condensed milk, strings of sweetened vermicelli and crunchy basil seed, infused with aromatic rose syrup.

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