Dining With Italian Cuisine: Well-Being With Taste

The Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City participates to the 8th edition of the Italian Cuisine week – “Dining with Italian Cuisine: Well-being with taste”, which have been taken place from November 13th to 19th 2023.

The Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World is an annual celebration of Italian culture through its culinary heritage, which involves the country’s diplomatic network all over the world. The initiative joins values such as conviviality and sustainability, which are at heart of the Italian culinary culture. Italian cuisine is in fact renowned for its use of local, seasonal ingredients, which are cleverly transformed by timeless craftsmanship.

In particular, this year’s edition focuses on the connection between food, sport and well-being, and promotes the Mediterranean diet as not only a centerpiece of Italian culture, but also a model for a healthy lifestyle. It is also an occasion to support the official candidacy of Italian cuisine as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, which aims at highlighting the cultural significance embedded in the rituals, social practices and biodiversity of Italian cuisine.

The gala night “Chefs and Celebs” wraps up the initiative by inviting Vietnamese celebrities and Italian Chefs to join together in a cooking show and present a number of typical Italian dishes to the public, as a way to further promote Italian cuisine in Vietnam.