Epicure Vietnam 07: The Great Vietnam Reboot

By Jade Huynh

There are many ways describing what Vietnam's hospitality industry is going through these days. Renaissance, for example, or restart, and relaunch. What is clear though is that our country is well on the way to reclaim its rightful place amongst Asia's top tourism destinations. 

The brutal two-year lockdown has brought much hardship and a widespread culling of hotels, restaurants, tour operators, as well as travel and retail establishments in general. On the other hand, those left standing after the crises now have what amounts to the “opportunity of a lifetime” to reinvent and recalibrate their business model. Streamlined management structures, the latest in digital technology, new sales channels and strategies, right-sizing of teams, and an entirely new cohort of post-pandemic staff entering the industry all help to power up the much needed recovery.

When in Saigon, Hanoi, Phu Quoc, or Hoi An now, one cannot help but admire the obvious rebirth underway all around us. New and busy roads, rebranded and renovated shops, not only in the top malls, but along busy side walks and outlying areas. Exclusive hotel projects like The Regent Phu Quoc, the New World Phu Quoc, and lavish complexes like Hoiana are opening their doors to welcome visitors looking for perfection in services and experiences. 

What we are witnessing is the very essence of Vietnam and its people – resilient, positive, and optimistic about all of life's challenges. Personally, I love what I see and hear lately.

So please join us and explore the seventh edition of Epicure Vietnam, where we celebrate the revival of Vietnam's hospitality industry. We feature Passion Week 2022, a series of events at Park Hyatt Saigon, welcoming the world's top chefs. Or the uniquely prestigious award by Escoffier & Barilla, created to find and inspire young and promising Vietnamese chefs.

We are also proud to introduce culinary highlights like Lavelle Library or Bistro Song Vie along the Saigon river, and newly opened restaurants and bars like Clay and Sono. Widen your culinary knowledge with our features about the NFT Wine Club, biodynamic wines, the exotic world of Oriental spices, and the most prominent Vietnamese craft beers.

Come and discover the rebooted Vietnam, the resurgence of its hospitality and gastronomy industry, and enjoy post-pandemic Vietnam – including the hustle and bustle of the unique Vietnamese way of life and its resilient people.