Belgo - Authentic Recipes Meet Traditional Brewing Techniques

Falling in love with Vietnam, Belgo brought the two cultures closer to share the same passion & value for quality through tasty Belgian craft beers to the Vietnamese.

Founded in 2016, Belgo serves up high quality Belgian beers crafted in Vietnam by Belgians. Their challenge: to ensure that the beer that reaches their customers is the best it can possibly be. For that reason, they bought a brewery in Belgium and brought it to Vietnam, imported the finest natural ingredients from Belgium and teamed up with a Belgian brew master, Gert. At the age of 16, Gert first started brewing with friends in Belgium, and eager to learn more, he went on to the Stella school in Leuven to deepen his knowledge and perfect his passion. He chooses authentic Belgian recipes to be crafted with traditional brewing techniques. The outcome of Gert’s hard work is a range of complex yet well-balanced and tasty craft beers, from easy to drink to complex ales, each with a strong character.

Then, to make it a perfect journey into the Belgian beer exploration, they opened three pubs in the heart of Saigon in a unique atmosphere accompanied by food made by their Belgian chef triggering guests senses with traditional and fusion creations. Belgo beer is also available throughout convenient stores, supermarkets and in more than 200 bars and restaurants throughout Vietnam but also in Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia and most recently Singapore.

With a core range of eight beers, Belgo proposes typical Belgian beers: from an authentic Blonde to an unforgettable Cherry beer, they also honor the Trappist heritage with their Belgo Royale or Belgo Black beers, sometimes adding a local twist like the recent Lotus IPA, using local lotus seeds. Original limited productions are completing the picture, with beers such as the Belgo Full Moon, exclusively brewed at night while the moon is full, or the majestic “Grand Cru” Collection, launched in January this year to celebrate the excellence of the Belgian brewing tradition. The secret of those Grands Crus lies in the unique combination of the noblest ingredients blended together with brands renowned for their inimitable character. The result: complex yet balanced nectars endowed with unforgettable personality, a true tribute to quality and elegance. 

Proud of the results, Belgo aims to offer a new experience to every beer lover looking for higher standards. In the end, what really matters to them is that their consumers enjoy Belgo alongside great moments spent with family and friends.

Belgo - Belgian Craft Beer Brewery

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    155 Phan Xich Long, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

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    +84 28 3517 0983