A Serene Pre-Tet Respite

For a peaceful escape from the hurried and bustling city prior to Tet, Annam Gourmet Stores are a safe haven for you and your family to dodge the chaos. With a lovely open terrace, perfect for unwinding, Annam Gourmet is not only a place to stop, take a breath, and relax, but also where one may enjoy a premium culinary journey at their buffet lounge, and choose a specially curated, gourmet “Tet Hamper” for loved ones.


An Annam Gourmet lounge location may have an elegant, French-style bistro feel, or a modern and stylish vibe, inclusive of a green space which immerses its guests in the bounties of nature while escaping the bustling life in the city. It’s a secluded space where one may enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a flaky croissant and completely relax within its peaceful space.

Interwoven with fresh green spaces

The Annam Gourmet Lounge is a unique venue for each Annam Gourmet store, providing guests with a chill place for a chat with friends, or a leisurely and yummy lunch.

With luxurious and classy European-style flair, an Annam Gourmet Lounge is considered a delicate touch between classic and modern, interwoven with fresh green spaces, for an impression of total calm and peace.

High-quality ingredients with authentic recipes

All dishes on the Lounge menus are meticulously prepared with high-quality ingredients, by highly experienced chefs. The beverage choices, from coffee and tea to premium beer and wine, contribute to the enhancement of the taste of the food and experience for the guests of Annam Gourmet Lounge. The Annam Gourmet Buffet provides their beloved customers with a wide range of delicious choices, prepared with only the freshest high-quality ingredients.

In addition, they also provide their customers with a range of catering services delivered by their friendly and professional staff.


To help spread the holiday cheer, Annam Gourmet also supplies unique and elegant “Hamper Gift Sets" which are chock-full of fresh and healthy ingredients. Sharing a “Hamper Gift Set” with a friend or loved one will show just how much you care about their well-being, and letting them know how much you love them.

The Glistening Moment

With a unique design and shape, the fruit gift box is simply scrumptious, and a practical gift with symbolic meaning. Containing a myriad of the freshest and sweetest seasonal fruit, it mirrors a full and prosperous life, in health and wellness.

The Gourmet Moment

The gourmet gift box combines cold cuts, a variety of cheeses, dried fruit, nuts and additional premium products, manifesting good luck wishes and the welcoming of a beautiful and prosperous New Year. Packed full of premium ingredients, the happy recipient can easily create a sumptuous charcuterie platter for friends and family to enjoy at an intimate at-home cocktail party.

With 20 years of experience, Annam Gourmet offers a great combination of quality products from prestigious global brands. The box design is meticulously crafted, with the distinct artistic style which can only be found at Annam Gourmet.

Let's celebrate a brilliant 2023 with Annam Gourmet! Like blooming flowers, it will help ignite the vitality of a new beginning filled with joy, benefit and happiness. The best things wrapped up in a thoughtful Tet gift basket are destined to be a warm surprise for loved ones, family members, and business associates during this festive and happy season.

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