Miss Hong Kong Crowned, and Hoiana Resort & Golf Celebrates Successful Collaboration in Showcasing the Beauty and Culture of Central Vietnam

This summer bore witness to a remarkable celebration of national culture and arts, punctuated by a series of international events and visits from renowned artists to Vietnam. Among these events, Hoiana Resort & Golf, the opulent beachfront integrated resort, proudly announced a special collaboration with the Miss Hong Kong 2023 Beauty Pageant, organized by TVB Broadcasting & Television. The contestants embarked on a journey to Vietnam for their out-port filming, participating in various activities to prepare for the finals. The winners of Miss Hong Kong 2023 were ultimately crowned in the last week of August.

Hoiana Resort & Golf welcomes the 16 contestants of 2023 Hello Miss Hong Kong Pageants for the 8D7N shooting trip in Central Vietnam.

This collaboration played a pivotal role in promoting tourism in Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City, cementing their status as must-visit destinations in Asia, captivating audiences not only in Hong Kong but also around the world.

During their memorable 8-day, 7-night sojourn, the 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants, accompanied by over 50 guests, experienced indelible moments as they immersed themselves in Vietnamese culture while exploring iconic attractions in the region, revealing the elegant allure of Central Vietnam.

The contestants take stunning pictures along the 4km white sand beach along Hoiana Resort & Golf.

The contestants were accommodated at the New World Hoiana Hotel, one of the four luxury hotel brands within Hoiana Resort & Golf. Throughout their stay, the 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were introduced to basic Vietnamese language skills and savored authentic local delicacies, including Pho, Banh Mi, Hoi An Chicken Rice, Coconut Coffee, Spring Rolls, and an array of other delectable dishes.

Showcasing the dance talents at Vietnam’s #1 golf course, Hoiana Shores Golf Club

The 16 contestants visit My Son Sanctuary, the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The exploration of Vietnam's beauty for the Miss Hong Kong 2023 contestants encompassed visits to renowned attractions in Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City, such as the enigmatic My Son Sanctuary, traditional coconut basket boat rides, the rustic Old Brick Kiln, the vibrant Hoi An Ancient Town, and excursions to the Pink Cathedral, Dragon Bridge, and My Khe Beach.

A unique and engaging highlight of the journey was the active participation of the contestants in various cultural activities in Hoi An Ancient Town. This included captivating street performances, where the contestants invited tourists to savor Hong Kong street foods like mango pomelo sago and egg waffles. Additionally, they generously offered T-shirts featuring Hong Kong's scenic beauty to share with local residents and tourists in Hoi An. These warm interactions fostered friendly relationships and facilitated meaningful cultural exchanges between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Learning the basic Vietnamese to communicate with the locals. 

The contestants showcase the local Hong Kong culture at the Hoi An Ancient Town.

The picturesque and idyllic landscapes of Hoiana Resort & Golf served as a wellspring of inspiration for the TVB film crew and the contestants, yielding beautiful and vibrant footage. From the breathtaking view of Cu Lao Cham from the infinity pool at The Edge to the pristine 4km-long white sandy beach and the award-winning Hoiana Shores Golf Club, coupled with the luxurious five-star resorts and integrated facilities, this locale etched an enduring impression on the film crew, expertly capturing the essence of beauty and elegance.

The contestants visit the popular Pink Church in Da Nang city. 

The unforgettable journey culminated with a VIP banquet at Hoiana Resort & Golf, graced by esteemed guests from Hong Kong, including Nancy Wu, Mayanne Mak, Shaun Tam, and Lokyi Lai, alongside the 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants. Ms. Virginia Lok, Assistant Director-General of TVB Broadcasting & Television, lauded and encouraged the contestants for their significant contribution to the success of Miss Hong Kong 2023. The stage came alive as the graceful contestants donned traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai attire and confidently introduced themselves in Vietnamese, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and instilling pride among the entire management and staff at Hoiana Resort & Golf.

The unforgettable journey concluded with a spectacular VIP dinner on Jul 19 graced by esteemed guests. 

The collaborative journey between Hoiana Resort & Golf and TVB's Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant has effectively showcased the beauty and cultural richness of Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City. This resounding success has propelled Central Vietnam to the forefront of Asian tourist destinations, enchanting the hearts of audiences and inspiring them to embark on their own journey of discovery in Central Vietnam.

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