Where To Eat Authentic Nikkei Cuisine In Bali

By Eve Tedja

Nestled within the beachfront Padma Resort Legian, TENKAI has been renowned for its soulful take on Japanese cuisine. The restaurant recently unveils its new Nikkei dining concept, just in time for that long-awaited family holiday. Have a seat at its indoor or outdoor seating and get ready to experience the flavourful marriage between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

Led by executive sous chef Sandro Medrano (who was known for his stint at Henshin, The Westin Jakarta), the menu is made with freshly-caught seafood from the island’s surrounding seas, highlighting the bursting vibrancy of Nikkei cuisine. “I believe food can bring people together, providing ways to share our culture and stories. My dishes reflect the technique, teamwork, harmony, and local products – based on Peruvian flavour and Japanese philosophy,” adds the Peruvian chef.

Find umami Japanese ingredients such as miso and wakame being woven into a carefully balanced use of Peruvian staples such as corn, potato, coriander, and aji chili peppers. The new menu is served in sharing portions, encouraging guests to take their time to truly savour the meal with their loved ones.

Start with ceviche, a classic Peruvian dish made of fresh seafood and raw fish cured with lime. TENKAI offers four types of ceviche made of salmon, sea bass, tuna, and mixed seafood. Give Ceviche a lo Nikkei a try, a tangy dish made of tuna, chili panka, tamarind tiger’s milk, soy sauce, wakame, katsuobushi, and bursting tobiko – it is guaranteed to awaken your palate.

Nigiri Nikkei – an arresting take of the classic nigiri – is served with black rice and features different toppings, from salmon belly to torched squid. Down the small bites with a curated selection of sake, shochu and wine. Apart from the Nikkei fare, TENKAI still serves its old-time favourite Teppanyaki experience in the restaurant and poolside.