The Most Expensive Olive Oils Money Can Buy

Often thought of as liquid gold, olive oil is a prized culinary ingredient embedded with thousands of years of history. Extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, this remarkable oil is renowned for its rich flavour profile and powerful health benefits. 

Lending its distinct aroma and smooth fruity taste to a kaleidoscope of dishes and cuisines, olive oil is a versatile ingredient that knows no limits. But beyond its gastronomic appeal, the nutrients present in olive oil are a valuable addition to one’s diet, and can mitigate the development of life-threatening diseases. 

These extraordinary olive oils are the most expensive of their kind, and beckon you to embark on a culinary journey as each one awaits your discovery. 

λ /lambda/ Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greece - $13,045

λ /lambda, the most expensive on our list, exemplifies how olive oil can indeed be a luxury commodity. This award-winning ultra-premium oil is masterfully crafted from the handpicked olives of Greece’s oldest centenarian olive trees. Handled with the utmost care and respect for the ingredient, the olives are pressed to yield an ultra-low acidity liquid, which is then personally bottled and labelled by hand. 

Reigning supreme in the realm of luxury olive oils, the White Gold Plated Edition of λ /lambda comes in a handcrafted wooden box inscribed with the VIP owner’s name, and is adorned with opulent white gold plates, as an irresistible symbol of prestige. 

E-La-Won Luxury Edition, Greece - $1,460

Upholding a legacy that stretches back over 3,500 years, E-La-Won’s olive oil is steeped in timeless tradition. Originating from the gorgeous island of Mykonos, this bottle of liquid gold is nature’s enigmatic elixir, and seamlessly blends the premium quality of the finest olive oil with the glamour of delicate edible gold flakes, both abundant in antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. Just a single drop of this luxury olive oil will tantalise your taste buds.

Egoleum GOLD Privée Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spain - $1,400

Embodying the epitome of luxury, with its glittering concoction of 24-karat gold flake premium extra virgin olive oil, this delectable potion encapsulates the elegance, balance, and healthiness of olive oil in its most decadent form. Enhancing every meal to perfection, notes of grass, eggplant, green almond peel, and banana emanate from the Picual olives’ nectar, captivating the palate, while its medium spiciness and bitterness offer a velvety smooth sensation.

Golden Olive Oil Sense, Croatia - $500

Renowned for their unique and innovative designs, Kreativni Laboratorij Ltd. is a trailblazer in the realm of luxury gourmet products, with a firm commitment to preserving nature, traditional crafts and championing authentic Croatian resources. Infused with 24-karat edible gold flakes, this culinary treasure stems from the combination of time-honoured expertise and cutting edge technology. Presented in a sophisticated manner, the glass bottle is carefully enclosed in a black Plexiglass box, exuding preciousness. 

Are you tempted by these olive oils?