What To Expect At Asia’s Best French Wine Sommelier Singapore Finale 2023

By Amy

Asia’s Best French Wine Sommelier Contest, hosted by the French Ministry of Agriculture, is an annual event celebrated by sommeliers and wine industry players across the region. The Singapore finale will be held on 4 September at Sofitel Singapore City Centre.

The competition offers an unparalleled opportunity for wine enthusiasts and professionals to showcase their profound knowledge and appreciation for the rich heritage of French wines. The 2023 local competitions are held in five markets: Singapore, China Mainland, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea.

Participating sommeliers (Lesley Liu, Wyman Kok, Benedict Pang and Sanjaya Kumar Nayak) will deep dive into a diverse array of French wines, ranging from the finest Bordeaux to Champagne and Rhône Valley wines.

Additionally, they will demonstrate their expertise in recognising and appreciating the finest cheeses from different regions of France. A key aspect of the competition will be their ability to skillfully pair these exquisite wines with the cheeses.

“The Asia’s Best French Wine Sommelier Contest is a platform that allows wine professionals and enthusiasts to explore the rich history, unique terroirs, and exquisite flavours of French wines,” said Jean-Pascal Paubert, jury president of the competition.

Being a sommelier demands extensive knowledge of wines, including grape varieties, vineyards, vintages, and a keen sense of smell and taste to identify flavours accurately. In addition to the foundational knowledge, a professional sommelier must excel in wine tasting and cocktail making. Sommeliers are also deeply involved in restaurant management, frequently updating wine lists to enhance the establishment’s value. Over the past decade, the sommelier culture in Asia has gained increasing attention and global recognition, fostering opportunities for public awareness, and promoting exchanges within the industry.

The best sommelier winners from across Asia will converge in Singapore on 29 and 30 November for rigorous tests of their tasting, pairing, and wine knowledge abilities. The esteemed panel of international judges will evaluate participants, promising an exhilarating showcase of talent and dedication.