The Machines Making the Perfect Pour

For the average wine lover, a typical night consists of grabbing a bottle of wine from the fridge, a simple twist, pour and there you have a perfect glass of wine. However, once the bottle has been opened, soon enough the taste and quality no longer holds up. But what if wine could stay perfect?

Revolutionising the wine industry, wine dispensers have been invented to preserve wine to perfection. Preserving the wine for up to 21 days after opening, these machines push against the forces of nature and decay to bring you wine that is almost immortal. 

By removing the presence of oxygen to a precisely controlled level, the preservation technology of wine dispensers is able to create a vacuum within the bottle, without damaging the wine. Without this technology, air within the bottle oxidises the wine. But, extract too much air, and the negative pressure will draw away from the fragile balance of phenols and esters, to the detriment of the bouquet. So, the accuracy of this technology is key to the perfect pour. 

Bermar is one such retailer of the advanced wine dispensers, distributing to over 90 countries and satisfying over 50,000 customers. Resembling a mini fridge, these devices can store multiple bottles of wine at a time, allowing businesses to serve a selection of fine wines by the glass, without compromising the freshness of the wines.

The numbers speak for themselves, as by maintaining the quality of wine in the perfect pour, customers come back for more and more, with revenues increasing by 10, 20 and even sometimes 30%!

Moreover, not a drop of wine is wasted, as the preserved wines need not be thrown out so soon if untouched, maximising profit.

Could these machines be the next thing to revolutionise Vietnam’s wine market? Consider upgrading your technology to level up your wine game.