New Dining Experiences For April 2023 (Part II)

By Anton D. Javier

You’re guaranteed a fun, slightly boisterous evening at Underdog Inn, a new concept from the team behind Sago House, Low Tide, and Ghostwriter. At this modern “tavern”, smoked meats, pickled vegetables, and a variety of daily specials take center stage, complemented by an extensive drink and cocktail menu that will ensure a memorable night ahead.

Steering the ship at Underdog Inn is Executive Chef Pete Smit, who, along with his team, presents a unique menu that feature an assortment of meats most diners might not be familiar with. What results are off-cuts, house-made sausages, and even rendered fats that appear as either menu mainstays or one-off dishes for the evening. Not sure where to start? We’d recommend the pork scratchings to share, as well as vegetable crudites with taramasalata, and a plate of pickles. 

The Lamb Tartare, Kingfish Pastrami, and perfectly cooked Duck Breast with Smoked Grapes will satisfy the tastebuds with their bold flavors and playful textures. For something a little more substantial, the Kurobuta Pork Rib Eye with Pickled Figs will hit the spot, especially when paired with moreish sides like green chili slaw and bone marrow mash.

In addition to the cocktail menu, Underdog Inn also presents 18 “Tavern Taps”, comprised of 12 draught cocktails and six beers on rotation. Choose from classics like the Martini, Gran Torino, or Old Fashioned, which interestingly come with tableside modifiers in mini drip bottles to adjust flavors according to your preference.

Visit Underdog Inn at 115 Amoy Street, #01-03, Tel: 9699 4829