May Your Holidays be Filled with Glamour and Sparkles, Just Like this Gold Bottle of Bottega Bubbly

There’s no occasion more spirit-filled and dazzling than the festive season. We’re dressed to the nines throwing glittering baubles on trees, feasting on seasonal favourites, and drinking copious amounts of bubbly, before we retire in our comfortable pyjamas, only to repeat it all over again the next day.

There is a particular method to this madness, and one of the reasons why we’re free to shed our inhibitions and have a jolly good time is the bottles of sparkling wine that we’re raring to set off popping. And it’s no better time than now than to bring out the Bottega Gold Prosecco Doc Spumante Brut, a tasteful bottle of bubbly that’s designed for such occasions.

“Christmas and the lead up to the New Year is a popular time to crack open a bottle of bubbly and so there’s no better occasion than the festive period to gift friends or family with a special bottle of Prosecco,” says Sandro Bottega, Owner and Managing Director of Bottega Spa. “With an elegant taste and original gold coloured bottle to match, Bottega Gold is the perfect drink to indulge in and share with loved ones this festive”

Already, the aurous bottle itself is an aesthetic piece. Its curved silhouette is covered head to toe in gold, with a ‘B’ embossed on the shoulder.

Within its confines is the matching straw yellow liquid with “persistent perlage” that together comprise light and refreshing notes. On the nose, one would pick up green fruits (green apples and pears) and citrus, coupled with floral notes. The tasting notes also include mentions of sage and spices that deliver a smooth and lively finish with balanced acidity.

Its distinguished profile has earned itself numerous accolades such as earning gold medals at the Prosecco Masters of The Drinks Business 2021, Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championship 2020 and at the Fifty Best Sparkling Wine Tasting 2021.

If you’re set out to be this year’s dinner host, serve a few glasses as an aperitif or pair them with light courses such as seafood or pasta.

While it’s first and foremost about parties and feasting, it’s also the season of giving. Why not tick off all boxes at once and gift a Gold Prosecco Doc Spumante Brut to a special someone. Available on the Ferrari Food + Wine Online Store, get them just in time for New Year.