Ryan’s Grocery - For Healthy Meats And Mains

This popular one-stop destination offers natural and organic carbon-neutral products without gluten, artificial additives and preservatives.

Says Adam Speering, Ryan’s Grocery’s Butcher from Australia, “Australia is our go-to country for good quality, certified-free-range pork, organic grass-fed beef or lamb, along with its more stringent gluten-free certification requirement compared to other countries, so consumers have the peace of mind that a high level of food quality is assured for all our products. Strong building blocks are the key to a great product and as we import only the best meat, we are able to produce great quality in-house meat products like ham and sausages.

Since opening five years ago, Ryan’s Grocery has developed a close relationship with the producers that we work with. We do not sell anything that isn’t tested by us and our founders first. We strongly believe in the importance of using food for healing, and are aware of illnesses resulting from the intake of processed foods. 90% of the products in Ryan’s Grocery are allergen-friendly, with a focus on sustainable, carbon-neutral certified products, non-GMO and fair-trade products, as well as those with animal welfare in mind. This is why Ryan’s is the best place to shop for your Christmas feasts.”


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