The Scent Of Seduction

Often underestimated, olfactory sense is actually what matters when it comes to one’s amorous pursuit in finding the perfect aphrodisiac.

The Return Of Sugarhall

Four years on, the rum-centric bar is back at a brand-new address on Cecil Street. Only this time around, rum gives way to a few more spirits.

Dom Pérignon Launches 2012 Vintage

The new year brings new champagne launches and exceptional vintage releases, the first of which in Singapore was Dom Pérignon 2012. We savoured a taste at 28 Wilkie

What You Need To Know About Allergies

Allergies are nothing to sneeze about. We speak to general practitioner Dr Benjamin Loh about the common causes, treatments, and in particular, how to deal with food allergies.

Why Table Manners Matter

Catherine Baron, founder of etiquette school Le Savoir-Vivre tells us why fine dining etiquette is much more than just good table manners.