Your Culinary Concierge For All Things Japanese

You can now get restaurant-quality seafood from markets and farmers in Japan, thanks to Soshinsen.

The world’s love affair with Japan is an eternal flame that has seen record numbers of tourists. Japan ended the decade in 2019 with the highest tourism arrivals of over 32.5 million international visitors, with 492,252 from Singapore, according to statistics by Japan National Tourism Organization. Predictably, the favourite activities preferred by Singapore tourists are dining followed by shopping and nature sightseeing.

With Singapore’s ongoing travel restrictions, this wanderlust has only intensified, and short of virtual travel becoming a sci-fi reality, food is the ideal way to feed our desire for all things Japanese. Sushi master chefs are opening restaurants; Japan’s associations and prefectures are introducing new premium products in Singapore for the first time, from Saitama strawberries to Miyagi rice; and meat specialists are bringing in direct-to-consumer wagyu from Miyazaki and more.

Fresh From Japan

A Japanese indulgence is not the same without fresh seafood and meats, and Soshinsen is the go-to source for premium Japanese meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables; from fresh Ankimo, known as the foie gras of the sea, and melt-in-the-mouth Bafun Uni to A5 Hokkaido Snow Beef and Berkshire Heritage Kurobuta Pork Loin, a wide range of produce are available for you to plan an impressive fine dining experience at home.

Soshinsen enables both the everyday consumer and connoisseur to easily order top restaurant-quality seafood direct from markets and farmers in Japan. Run by a team with a combined experience of over 90 years in hospitality and F&B, Soshinsen has established strong relationships with trusted sources to ensure they provide only the freshest premium produce to consumers. As with any overseas produce that is flown into Singapore, cold-chain maintenance, handling and transportation are important factors that impact quality and food safety concerns.

Soshinsen utilises a super-freezing technique that keeps tuna and selected sashimi slices cold at -60 degree Celsius; this is the point at which bacterial growth is halted, preventing the natural decomposition and quality deterioration of freshly caught seafood. The process begins on board the fishing vessel where the fish are placed into super-freezing storage. Upon arrival at inland factories, the frozen seafood are sawn into customisable blocks for customer orders before they are flown to Singapore. Everything is packed with ice packs during delivery. Since products are available on an indent basis and delivered only upon order, consumers get the freshest seafood possible as if they’ve just been caught.

Monthly shipment schedules are shared online to enable customers to make timely orders, and islandwide deliveries are complimentary for orders above $100.

Visit Soshinsen’s website at to discover a world of seafood treasures.