Distiller For A Day

Homegrown one-year-old Brass Lion Distillery is now ready to turn you into a gin master for a day, thanks to its dedicated Gin School ($198), a unique three-hour workshop where up to 10 participants at a time get hands-on with tasting, learning and finally crafting a wellbalanced bottle of gin.

Managing director Jamie Koh is also the head distiller behind the floral and citrusy Singapore Dry Gin – her recipe uses 22 botanicals, including pomelo peel, tangerine peel, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, chrysanthemum and torch ginger flower. For your own custom bottle, you may lean towards floral, herbal, citrus or spicy styles, which is trickier than it sounds. Bear in mind just how much of mild botanicals (such as ginger or lemongrass) you’d want to balance against intense flavours (like vanilla, basil or even chilli) and have your instructor advise you as you mix it up. For a more relaxed time, there are also weekly distillery tours ($45). 

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