The Snow Skin Mooncakes Capturing Our Hearts This Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of year again, the Mid-Autumn Festival is here and it's time to bring the family together, drink tea and eat mooncakes. Why not try something new this year, and opt for a snow skin mooncake, the no-bake mooncake sensation making its way to you. 

The snow skin mooncake emerged in 1960s Hong Kong, as a response to the complaint that traditional mooncakes were too high in fat and oil. One Hong Kong bakery would change the mooncake game forever with its non-baked snow skin mooncake with healthier fruit fillings. 

Nowadays, snow skin mooncakes contain all kinds of fillings, from chocolate, to nuts, to mochi. Unlike traditional mooncakes served at room temperature, these mooncakes are typically white, cold and made from glutinous rice. 

The most difficult part of making snow skin mooncakes is undoubtedly achieving the soft, velevety texture of the dough, as it requires precise measurements. The glutinous rice flour is steamed for long periods of time to remove the harsh powdery taste. Snow skin wrappers can also be made with mochi. 

This year, Singapore has a showcase of snow skin mooncake options, and here they are:

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Check out this hotel’s tantalising snow skin mooncake flavours such as Yuzu Honey with Peach Passion Fruit Praline, Blueberry with Maple Cream Cheese Praline, and Irish Cream Latte with Baileys Praline. Elegantly presented in a red tower box, these mooncakes are the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift. 

320 Orchard Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6735 5800.

InterContinental Singapore

Made in the shape of Ma Fu Yuan’s iconic rose, these snow skin mooncakes are the delight of any discerning mooncake enthusiast. InterContinental Singapore combines the beauty of flowers with aromatic tea profiles and a chocolate truffle centre to produce mind-blowing snow skin mooncakes. Don’t miss them!

80 Middle Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6338 7600.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Lovingly put together by skilled master chefs, Raffles Hotel Singapore offers a premium range of new mooncakes such as the Sakura & Raspberry Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake and Yam & Coconut Rum Snow Skin Mooncake. 

1 Beach Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6337 1886.

Shangri-La Singapore

Ready to indulge? Shangri-La Singapore have stepped up their game with their four Origin Signature Snow Skin Mooncakes that play with the flavours of Origin Bar’s signature cocktail. 

22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6737 3644.

Pan Pacific Singapore 

Back again with their bestselling Mao Shan Wang Snow Skin Mooncake, Pan Pacific are here to delight us, with more flavours including their Strawberry Paste Hai Tien Lo No.1 Tea Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache Mooncake, Orange Paste Matcha Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, and Gula Melaka Paste with Desiccated Coconut Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake. 

7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore. Tel: +65 6336 8111.

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Along with classic baked flavours, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel aims to please with its Pistachio Snow Skin Mooncake, made of crisp, nutty flavours in its soft casing. Thoughtfully made to be low in sugar, these mooncakes are a healthier choice than others. 

15 Stamford Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6368 8888.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium 

Yet another tempting treat is the Dirty Matcha Latte Mini Snow Skin Mooncake from Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, made with silky matcha lotus seed paste and a cafe latte praline filling. If you like durian, they also have a Peranakan Durian Mini Snow Skin Mooncake just waiting to be eaten!

317 Outram Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6733 0188. 

Le Levain

If you’re looking for a real showstopper, look no further than Le Levain’s Liqueur Truffle Snow Skin Mooncakes. Oh so decadently filled with truffle, these delicately crafted mooncakes are rich with flavour, encased in that soft velvety snow skin. 

23 Hamilton Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 9822 2924.