Le Bristol Paris To Privatise Signature Suite For A Surreal Dining Experience

In partnership with Opera Gallery, Le Bristol Paris to offer a private viewing of Marc Chagall’s “Les Mariés au coq” and an exclusive Michelin 3* dinner by Executive Chef Eric Frechon in the hotel’s Paris Suite.

Starting Sepemtber, Le Bristol Paris will welcome diners for an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Palace hotel will host a combined private art viewing, and three-course gastronomic dinner, custom-created by triple Michelin starred Executive Chef Eric Frechon. The guest of honour: Marc Chagall and his masterpiece Les Mariés au coq.

A dinner to remember

A decidedly rare and quintessentially Parisian experience, the pairing of Les Mariés au coq by Marc  Chagall with Chef Eric Frechon’s delicate menu brings together the history-making talent of a triple-Michelin-starred Chef and of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. This exclusive dinner is the perfect occasion to celebrate and enjoy a moment suspended in time. The exquisite three-course meal, the glamorous ambiance of the Paris Suite and the presence of an original Chagall set the tone for an unforgettable evening marked by French elegance and excellence… with a subtle touch of oneirism.

About the painting

Created near the end of the artist’s life, Les Mariés au coq (oil on canvas, 1975) portrays several iconic Chagallian motifs including the bride and groom, the rooster and the violinist. The figures are superimposed in a surreal image evoking themes and symbols of passionate love and joyful reminiscence. The imaginative composition is emblematic of Chagall’s dreamlike perspective, where shades of blue recount memories of his native village, where space and depth have no bounds.

A dinner with Chagall - One night stay, including a gastronomic dinner with Marc Chagall artwork, American breakfast for two people, on request.