Seedlip Cocktail

Jump-start 2021 on a lighter note. Quench your thirst with a Seedlip cocktail that relies on layers of flavour rather than alcohol for a sophisticated sip. Head to Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery for your Seedlip fix.

Raspberry and thyme shrub

• 250g raspberries

• 8 thyme sprigs

• 6 kaffir lime leaves

• 250g caster sugar

• 125ml apple cider vinegar

• 125ml verjuice

» Combine all ingredients in a Mason jar and muddle to release flavours.

» Screw on the lid, give a shake, and leave overnight. Strain through a fine strainer the next day.

Little Red Dot

• 50ml Seedlip Spice 94

• 40ml cold chamomile tea

• 25ml thyme and raspberry shrub

• 10ml cherry cordial belimbing flowers, for garnish

» Add crushed ice to a mixing glass, and add all ingredients except garnish. Stir then strain into a vintage cocktail glass, topped with fresh crushed ice and garnished with flowers.

Know Your Botanicals

Alcohol-free Seedlip ‘spirits’ contain all the flavour but no ABV, thanks to a secret distillation technique. Its heavier variant, Spice 94, brings out notes from warming Allspice berry and cardamom, with oak and grapefruit peel for a pleasant tannic and bitter finish.



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