Lak Lak

This sweet treat from Tabanan Regency is a favourite dish of my family, especially my son. Usually, Lak Lak is made with brown sugar but my mother uses palm sugar, making it even better.

Sate Lilit

The roasted spices and coconut cream make this Sate Lilit different than the others. My mother-inlaw passed this recipe to me and since then, this dish has been my family’s favourite and a must during Bali’s festive season.

Madai Carpaccio

You can now get restaurant-quality seafood from markets and farmers in Japan, thanks to Soshinsen.

Ayam Buah Keluak By Candlenut

Considered a classic traditional dish,  Head Chef Malcolm Lee elevates it with his personal touch at one-Michelin-starred Candlenut.

Udang Lemak Masak Nanas By Violet Oon

When it comes to Peranakan cuisine, Chef Violet Oon has been a stalwart for elevating this fine cuisine and has been a vocal ambassador for preserving its culture and heritage

Snapper In Seasalt

The stylish beachfront restaurant is renowned for its vibrant Asian-inspired cuisine and commitment to locally sourced, sustainable produce. Vitalis is using East Bali’s seasalt for this recipe, supporting a small community of salt farmers who continues the age-old tradition of producing 100 percent natural salt.

Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar

This Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar provides a beautiful pop of colour intensifed by deep umami flavour profiles from three layers of ingredients. It is incredibly healthy and easy to prepare in the comfort of home.

Madai (Japanese Sea Bream) Carpaccio

The Madai (Japanese Red Sea Bream) is often a staple during Japanese celebratory occasions such as New Year’s Day and wedding ceremonies as it is symbol of good luck.

National Day Eclairs By Tarte

Even the simplest tarts are executed with a high level of technicality and finesse. Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh and her team creates artisanal tarts and other confectionaries baked from scratch and made with seasonal ingredients from around the world.