Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel’s Taman Sari Bar & Grill Sizzles With A New Chef

Recently revamped, Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel’s signature restaurant, Taman Sari Bar & Grill, appointed a new chef de cuisine, Patrick Wilfred. With his adroit know-how in meat-based dishes, chef Patrick Wilfred heralded the new era of the restaurant as a preferred steakhouse in Yogyakarta.

Flaunting its semi-al fresco setting on the hotel’s second floor near the oversized pool, Taman Sari Bar & Grill presents a welcoming ambience, making every occasion held within affable. Drawing from that spirit, chef Patrick Wilfred is keen to serve delectable dishes to enhance the dining experience at the restaurant.

Honing in on his steak-focused culinary skill, the new chef introduced a curation of dishes highlighting the meat’s inherent quality and flavour. Amassing a wealth of experiences since 2009 in five-star hotel restaurants and steakhouses across the archipelago under his belt, the chef promises distinctive culinary creations for the patrons.

The menu champions a variety of dry-aged and wet-aged beef sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers, amongst other palatable alternatives such as seafood, pizza, and pasta, as well as vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals. The chef highlights the dry-aged beef and dry-aged duck as the steakhouse’s specialities.

A pleasing way to savour the restaurant’s offers begins with the signature starters, Braised Short Rib and Dry-Aged Beef Tartare. Extra indulgences for the tastebuds can be earned by ordering the signature salad, Burrata and Tomato, and the signature soup, Grilled Salmon Dashi.

The restaurant offers a From the Land and From the Ocean menu alongside the real showstoppers, a selection of dry-aged and wet-aged meat. Diners are encouraged to pair them with various salt, sauce, butter, and side dishes. Finish the dining experience sweetly with a dessert such as Macchiato or Limoncello.

“We select only the finest quality meats, championing Wagyu, AUS, and USA beef. Our beef is aged 21 to 28 days, after which it is expertly grilled, infusing it with a delightful smoky flavour. To make our dishes truly exceptional, we serve them with our own homemade salts and butter, adding a unique touch to our steakhouse experience,” said the new chef.

Together with the scrumptious dishes, a fine collection of wines and a selection of cocktails are available to enhance the dinner. Or head to the next-door Speakeasy Bar for a more comprehensive list of concoctions.

The inviting interior and uplifting scene of the city’s hubbub are ones to expect while dining in. Book a table near the open kitchen gallery to watch the chefs work their magic behind the scenes or near the glass partition overlooking the city. Otherwise, opt for the ones near the pool for a more intimate setting.

“I am thrilled to join the team at Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel and lead the kitchen at Taman Sari Bar & Grill,” chef Wilfred stated. “I am passionate about creating dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing, and I am excited to introduce my new menu to our guests. I look forward to welcoming them to the restaurant and providing them with an unforgettable dining experience.”

Taman Sari Bar & Grill is located in the outdoor area of Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel’s second floor and is open daily from 4pm to 11pm.

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